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Kasargali Homestay in Sakaleshpura

Kasargali is a nice little home stay in Sakaleshpura in Karnataka's Hasana district.

Kasargali has individual rooms as well as a 8 bed dormitory suitable for students or large groups. They have their own website as well and are well positioned to handle about 30 guests on any given day.

The main building looks nice with heritage style pillars, sitting area and some 4 rooms and a dormitory inside. Rooms are standard size with basic facilities.

The dormitory has 3 cots, two of them take 2 adults in level 1, one person in level 2, total 6 and 2 more can sleep on the bed in another corner of the room

What are the room rates at Kasargali homestay?
Dormitory costs about 1800 per person per day, normal rooms cost about 2000-2500 Rs per person (4000-5000 INR per room. Charges include all meals. (you'll have to go several kms to find another restaurant if you don't want food)

Again rates vary weekday/weekend, season/off season etc. Do check their official website https://www.kasargali.com/ for details

Campus is nice with play. My visit reminded me of Kings Cottage homestay in Kakabbe. Do explore Kasargali for your stay option while visiting Sakaleshpura.

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