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The Shade Homestay, Munnar

If you search for Homestays in Munnar, The Shade comes on top (at least in top 10). When I was looking for a homestay in Munnar, The Shade was the first one I considered. Also short listed couple of others, but since others didn't have enough rooms for us on the dates we wanted, I booked at "The Shade"
Main reason for booking here was the cost. Rs 1000 per room per day, Rs 300 for extra bed. Unlike some other homestays, this one is not located in the middle of tea plantation or on the edge of a hill. It is just like any other house.

The Shade is 14kms from Munnar town towards Kochi road. There're no sign boards on the way, so have a map ready or take help from locals.

We stayed there for one night. Below is a quick note of what we felt good and not so good.


  • We'd booked for 6 but had an extra person. He was accommodated without any issues
  • The owner, Santhosh, took us for a small walk in his spice plantation
  • Rooms are good,standard and good value for money
  • Home made food was good. Won't be available in hotels easily
  • The Shade has only 3 rooms, so no risk of large crowds
  • The Shade has been operational for about 4 years

Not so good:

  • We had called ahead and requested the owner to keep the lunch ready, so that we can check in, refresh, have lunch and head out. However, looks like lunch preparation started only after we arrived. We lost some time in the process.
  • One has to negotiate a set of steps to reach the room. May not be convenient for elderly people. (But most of the homestays in hill stations might have this problem due to hilly terrain)
  • Being 14 kms away from town, factor in transportation cost. Be careful during early morning and late evening drives. Visibility will be very low.
  • Its a regular house, so you won't get the experience of a cottage

Overall there're no complaints, but I'd try a different home stay next time

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