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Moped pulled carts in Thailand

We've 4 wheeler carts in India, on which vendors sell their stuff. Vendors usually pull it all the way manually.

In Thailand I found an innovative way. Carts are designed such a way that they can be attached to mopeds. Mopeds/scooters pull these carts while commuting from home to market etc. Once at marketplace, one can detach the schooter and take it away OR sit on the scooter itself and start the business.

Spotted on a main street in Pattaya near Pattaya Garden hotel

Also we have two wheeler carts attached to half cycle in India. In Thailand I saw a powered version of the same. (spotted near Golden Mount)
It also indicates that roadside merchants have income good enough afford a motored vehicle and needn't depend on manual effort to push their carts

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  1. Excellent idea,if it was available here many would use it.

  2. now that was something really new and refreshing ......loved the idea by the way


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