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Sleeping Buddha temple, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand has an overdose of Buddha temples and statues. They all look similar so after visiting few of them, not many would be interested in visiting other temples. Sleeping Buddha temple is one of the main temples in Bangkok.

The reclining Buddha temple or sleeping Buddha temple, known as Wat Pho attracts attention due to its sheer size. As you can see in the images above, the main temple has a gigantic statue of Buddha in sleeping position. The foot has lot of carvings. Temple also includes a set of 108 bowls into which people throw coins.

Entry fee for the temple is 100 baht (INR 190). Temple volunteers observe the tourists and will stop the ladies whom they feel are under dressed. Such lady visitors will be given a piece of cloth to cover themselves.

A bag is given to carry the footwears and a bottle of water is also given complementary.

Temple complex has several other Buddha statues all over.

We were given just 40 minutes to cover this place, while one can spend some more time here.

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  1. Wow, that's different -- a sleeping Buddha. :) So it's not only Ganapathy who sleeps. I remember seeing the figure of sleeping Ganapathy at a restaurant in Mysore. It was such a very cute statue. :)

    Nice to know about the many bowls and the outfit norms and all.

  2. The idol of Buddha is so well kept-it shines like gold.


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