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Singapore Botanic Gardens Pictures

Not yet done with Singapore related posts. This one is about Singapore's Botanical Garden, one of the main park/gardens here. (Others: Gardens by the Bay * Jurong Bird Park * Labrador Nature Reserve)

Made a quick dash to Singapore's botanical gardens when I had few hours at disposal. Its a huge campus (180+ acres) and couple of hours is not enough to explore. Like any garden, it is large campus of trees, lakes, birds and so on. 

Entry to the garden is free. There's a fee of 1 SGD to enter an inside campus of National Orchid Gardens.

As I walked in, I came across several people who were indulging in their morning walks, laughter clubs, yoga  and so on. I was trying to decide how well I can spend couple of hours that I had- noted the exit I had to take (which is an MRT station which I can take to go to Labrador nature reserve) and realized that I should be able to do a quick circle of walking around botanical park before exiting.

My first turn was into a rainforest. Very tall trees and a small walkway under them...
 Below: People practicing Martial Arts

The Band Stand:

Theme gardens, landscaped jogging paths are all aplenty here

Amphitheater- the performance area
Cold House- plants that grow at sub zero temperature are cultivated here
Tried this camera trick of clicking waterfalls with reduced shutter speed to get milky effect. Succeeded to some extent.
Evolution Garden is another interesting part inside. It takes us through the evolution of life.

Botanical garden is a nice place to spend an early morning at. However if you're short of time, you can skip this garden.

(Other Gardens: Gardens by the Bay * Jurong Bird Park * Labrador Nature Reserve)
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