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Random Updates

ಈ ವಾರದ ತರಂಗ ಸಾಪ್ತಾಹಿಕ ನೋಡಿರಿ ... ನನ್ನದೊಂದು ಲೇಖನ ಇರಬಹುದು 

Watch out for this week’s Taranga. Will be on stands this Wednesday.

Taranga is a popular weekly magazine in Karnataka. One of my articles is likely to be featured in it. Long time since my Kannada articles were published- a snippet in Vijaya Karnataka during Feb 2009 was the last one.

Indigo Contest: My Favorite Travel Story:
In other news, Indigo is running a facebook campaign with tickets worth Rs 15k are up for grabs. If this excites you, check the below link for details

TEDxChennai is after about 2 years. Will be happening this 30th at Chetpet, Chennai. I might be guest blogging the event. More details on tedxchennai.com 

Art for Sale
If you're looking to buy some paintings or artwork, you might wish to check out this collection by Ashok Barman

After 4 months of consecutive international travel (May: US, June, July; Singapore, August: Thailand), September feels dull with no flights to board. However, still cherishing the loads of pics clicked on these trips. Trying to write more for print and read a bit. Let me see

Festival wishes and have a nice day

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