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Kailasagiri, Vizag

Vishakapattanam, or Vizag is a coastal city in AP is a scenic destination. Similar to Valparaiso, it has a hill, sea and a city in between, making it highly photogenic.

I've made only one visit to this town so far, back in 2010. Have already blogged about Bora Caves * Life in a Submarine . In this post, sharing few other good snaps I could take during that visit.

We made a short visit to Kailasagiri, a peak on the outskirts of Vizag town. We drove uphill, but one can also take a cable car.

View of Vizag coastal liines
A toy train service is available on top of Kailasagiri. Next time, should go there for sunrise.


  1. Beautiful place with exceptional views.


  2. Nice photos. Reminds me of my Kailashagiri visit during the nano superdrive. Great views of Rishikonda beach and the vizag city. Even I didnt get a chance to do the train ride, but I guess it will be more fun for small kids.

  3. Vizag is definitely very scenic! I was there once but too young to remember, mom talks about it sometimes. I must go again. And it's been years since I've been on a toy train, I'd love to take a ride on one of those! Great pictures btw :)

  4. Amazing tour, and pics were really live to see.

    Thanks for sharing with us !!

  5. It is such a beautiful coastal town and yes, whenever I will go there, I will surely take the toy train. :)

  6. WOW!!! beautiful places and awesome post. Thanks Shrinidhi Hande for sharing.


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