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Tavarumane Homestay near Sirsi: Food, Nature and Village life.

I spent two nights at Tavarumane homestay, about 28 kms from Sirsi near Mensi. The stay was different from regular hotel/homestays because of village style basic accommodation, exceptional food and hospitality. The place was selected by Sankara Subramanian, who had already stayed in this property earlier. I joined him and his friend during their 3 days visit to Sirsi.

Reaching Tavarumane: Because Airtel has no signal in the area, we need to plan in advance on how to reach Tavarumane. While map location is correct, navigation is NOT. So we have to ignore the final turn suggested by map, proceed further and turn near ABC Bus stop. To avoid any confusion, our host’s son came to main road on his bike to guide me home. I just followed him. Last 2 kms is mud road with bit of slush and pebbles, so careful driving is required. 

Tavarumane accommodation is basic. Don’t expect any luxury. Bathroom and toilet are outside, like most village homes. The upstairs attic where we slept wasn’t airtight or closed on all sides, so monkeys can come in easily. But then, the place has its own charm and there're many reasons why guests visit Tavarumane again and again.

Tavarumane stands apart because of the following:

#1 Exceptionally good home cooked food: Padmanabha Hedge and family cooks food for their guests using all local ingredients, using milk from their own family cows, products sourced from their own garden or locally. Coupled with great hospitality, detailing about the food and its taste, food is main reason to stay in Tavarumane.

#2 Authentic Village stay experience: You might have stayed in luxury resorts- have you stayed in a village home with green forests all around, where monkeys visit and bees dropby to say hi?  Try balancing on narrow walkways, enter a freshwater stream in the vicinity. Live without mobile connectivity, far away from civilization.

#3 Greenery all around: I walked down to a stream nearby, crossed a wooden log bridge, explored arecanut plantation, entered the stream that had mini waterfall and walked my way up to Tavarumane. You can see lots of birds around, and the nature will mesmerize you. Padmanabha Hegde also cultivates honeybees. 


Above: greenery around Tavarumane Homestay. 

Below: Mini waterfalls near Tavarumane Homestay


I also liked petting their cat, Gulabi. They don't have any dogs in the campus.

Activities to try at Tavarumane:

#1 Visit to forest viewpoint

We were taken to a viewpoint from where we could see Keppajoga waterfall from a distance. (I think it is also referred to as Bellihole)

#2: Head Massage: An external person can be called for head and shoulder massage. 

#3: Honey bee cultivation- we didn't try this, you can ask the host to open and show may be, to know more about life of worker and queen bees.

#4 Trek to Keppajoga waterfalls: Available from October, max group size 10 people, organized by Padmanabha Hedge.

#5 Nature walk: Explore the plantation, stream, birds and other attractions around the homestay

#6 Food: Taste several local and home made dishes as part of your stay experience.

Tavarumane will not work for you if you are particular about following:

#1 Don’t want to waste 2 hours/60 kms everyday traveling to and from homestay. If you stay near Sirsi or Yellapura then you will save some time, energy and fuel traveling to far away homestays. Tavarumane is 30 kms from Sirsi city, so about 2 hours extra needed each day when you are visiting waterfalls and other attractions in the area.

#2 Want good roads- can’t handle a bit of bad roads: If you have a car with low ground clearance, you will face some challenge driving to and from Tavarumane. But then, most of the roads leading to waterfalls and other attractions in Karnataka are in bad shape, so you will have trouble with low ground clearance car at many places. If possible come in an SUV/Compact SUV or a rugged vehicle. If your vehicle/driving skill can’t handle a bit mud, slush and rocks, stay in city.

#3 Can’t live without Mobile signal: Most of Uttara Kannada have poor mobile signal. Only BSNL works in majority of villages. Airtel/Vodafone etc work only in taluk HQ/big city and nearby areas.  If you can’t live without internet/call, stay closer to big cities like Sirsi/Yellapur etc. Don’t go deep into village/forests.

#4 Need luxury room with room service/attached bath etc: Tavarumane offers basic accommodation, without any modern luxury like attached bath, AC, room service etc. If you need all of those, better stay in a hotel/resort in city. Tavarumane is not competing with such stay options. Their strength is authentic village stay experience with mouth watering food.

#5 Need wheelchair access: If you have senior citizens/wheelchare assistance needed persons, then getting in and out of Tavarumane will be little tricky as the access is not well paved and need a bit of careful walk down the slope.

Based out of Tavarumane, we visited Unchalli falls, Magod Falls, Sonda, Gante Ganapathi temple. Distance to various nearby attractions from Tavarumane is as below:

  1. Magod Falls: 65 kms
  2. Jenukallu Gudda: 65 kms
  3. Sathodi Falls: 80 kms (bad roads)
  4. Unchalli Falls: 60 kms
  5. Yana Rocks :50  kms
  6. Vibhooti Falls: 60  kms
  7. Dandeli: 108 kms
  8. Yellapura City: 56 kms

Reaching Tavarumane:

While google map location of Tavarumane is correct, approach road for final stretch is NOT. After crossing Vanalli village,take right after the bridge. Do not turn left at the location shown by the map. Proceed a few kms further till you see the bus stop shown below. Take the mud road near the bus stop to reach Tavarumane. I have now added "Boosanakere Bus stop" to the map. 

Rate: Standard rate now seems to be INR 1500 per person per night inclusive of food. You can discuss n finalize depending on duration/number of people.

Corona Safety: Only one family/group will be accepted at present at a time. You won't be sharing location with other guests.

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  1. Nice article. I was not aware of this place though I have driven on this road few times. Added "KeppaJoga" in my backlog!!

  2. This is a great place to explore the numerous waterfalls in Uttara Kannada. Thanks, Shrinidhi.

    1. Hi Shrinidhi, can i get owner hegde number for booking as 98415 89037 is not working

  3. Above all, you will get great hospitality, excellent home food. Both Mr And Mrs PG Hedge, their son Prasanna never made us feel that this place was new to us. Now they are our extended family. We would love to go back to our Tavarumane time and again. Thanks for this article.

  4. Everything looks exceptionally good. But the rooms need to be basically clean and tidy which did not appeal to me from the pics shared.

    1. Yes, clean and tidy part probably it will be when you check in- my photo was clicked later..


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