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NVY Branded 32 inch LED Smart TV review

NVY is a lesser known brand in the world of consumer electronics. In fact, if you see their logo it is hard to read it- is it NW? NVW? WVY I couldn't figure out at first look. I think they tried to create a cute looking name from the word 'Envy' but the logo feels confusing if you ask me. "Enviously yours" is their tagline. (Once you see the coloured logo with V in Orange it becomes clear)
As I was evaluating a new TV for my home, I came to know about NVY in a nearby showroom. NVY's pricing was lower than other established brands. NVY's 32 inch LED Smart TV was priced at 11k, while similar tv from major brands like Samsung/LG were priced at 14-15k onwards.

I decided to give NVY TV a try because of following reasons
- Part of the premium paid for Samsung/LG etc go towards their massive ad spend, not necessarily because of better quality
- Dealer assurance that there's not been any complaints about this brand NVY and 1 year warranty with on site service
- Temptation to save 4-5k upfront and try a new brand
- Good set of features- Smart TV, LED, 32 inches, Full HD, USB support etc

With these thoughts I finalized purchase of NVY 32 inch LED Smart TV. The television was delivered and installed on same day. It took us some time to figure out smart TV's wifi connection and other setups but we got it sorted and TV got functional.

Some advantages
  • About 170 degree viewing angle. Even from side angle view is decent
  • Wall mounting kit included in the box
  • Decent quality of display
  • Fully loaded with features in its price range
Limitations of NVY 32" LED Smart TV
- Switch ON lag- about 10-12 seconds lost in showing NVY Logo, Android Logo etc. I would have preferred to avoid these delay or get over it within 2-3 seconds.

Hopefully our NVY smart TV will last several years and won't warrant any repairs. I am not very confident about durability of modern day televisions- neither companies want to build long lasting products, nor consumers care-most are happy to upgrade to a latest model once a few years. 
NVY's official website is also half baked- social media accounts not integrated yet. Website doesn't reveal pricing and doesn't list dealer or online purchase options. NVY TVs are also not listed on ecommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart, so you can only buy from a dealer.



  1. Is nvy 32 inch Android TV have wifi settings or can I connect tv with my phone..pls reply

    1. Yes, it has Wifi, you can connect to internet or connect your phone. There could be cheaper, non smart model, so be sure model you are buying has the features you need.

  2. Suggest some service center for repair display

  3. I got to know about this brand through one of my friend but he has not experienced the performance of this product. Can you please let me know the Video & Audio quality.

    1. Been using for more than a month now. Haven't observed any audio/video quality issues. Feels standard.

  4. Thanks for sharing a nice article. Keep sharing it.

  5. Any display center in Bangalore?


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