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5 months of lockdown-to travel or not to travel?

On August 25th, India completed 5 full months since the first lockdown was imposed. The lockdown was supposed to help curb corona spread but many believe that objective hasn't been achieved, as India is about to become world #2 in total number of cases, short of only USA.

Lockdown as been more harsh on many than corona virus. Jobs are lost, income is gone and several industries are on the verge of collapse.  Even government is caught in a tight spot- on one hand its own revenues from tax are diminishing due to low business transactions, forcing it to open more and more businesses- both to support livelihood and to get some tax revenue, on the other hand corona cases are raising all over, with no sign of flattening the curve. With unlock 4.0 Govt has lifted all travel bans- no need for quarantine or testing for interstate, intra-state travel.

People are also fed up staying indoor for months. Corona seems to be harmless/recoverable to those who have good immunity. At this stage, many have started heading out in their cars for short trips. Metro rail, cinemas and tourist attractions may open soon. However a large section of population also feels this is a big mistake. Lockdown should be extended till vaccine is found or number of cases subside.

Which side do you belong? Are you ready to travel now or feel it is all a big mistake and everyone should stay indoors?

Arguments in favor of travel

  1. We have stayed indoor for 5 months and getting restless. Need a break to stay sane.
  2. We need to support the dying travel & hospitality industry.
  3. Since most places are deserted, why not visit now with proper social distancing? If temples, shopping complexes and restaurants can be open why not beaches, forests and waterfalls?
  4. How many months more do we wait? 1000s are already on the street- no one seems to care. If I stay indoor for 2-3 more months will everything be back to normal? We have take some risk and learn to live with corona.
  5. Corona has become a scam. So many people are minting money in the name of corona- many are falsely reported positive so that more money can be made. Without any known cure we have to loose lakhs of rupees in hospital bill for just a few days.
  6. Death rate is low, 75% + have recovered. Many would have got it and recovered without any symptoms, testing or knowing that they were infected. Unless one is aged or has additional health issues, corona is probably not as scary as it sounded.
  7. Most cases are concentrated in big cities. Rural areas have luxury of space, less corona cases, so it is safe to explore places that do not have any crowd, with masks and social distancing.
Arguments against travel
  • We are just a few lakh cases short of becoming world #2. We may soon reach world #1. Travel should be last thing in such a situation
  • Front-line workers, doctors are stretched. We should be considerate of their sacrifices and shouldn't add to the mess
  • Govt may have its compulsions in opening up things- we should stay indoors unless absolutely necessary
  • Travel can wait- not worth the risk- healthwise and economically- of getting infected, trauma associated with it, trouble for family and neighbors- all not worth it.
  • Don't take the virus from big city to small villages.
It has become every person for himself/herself. I would say use your best discretion. We can try imposing our preference on others but looks like India has reached "we'll see" stage where it is no longer tenable to convince people to stay indoors. What are your thoughts?


  1. I think we should consider the different modes of travel and evaluate which ones are most feasible. A digital nomad type long term stay in Himachal or rented AIRBNB would even out risks a lot.

  2. I don't know what govt. is trying to do. If govt. has opened everything than why they are not unlocking the tourism ? I agree in both the points (Argument in favor and argument not in favor). Like Uttarakhand Govt. has given a guideline of either min 7 days stay or covind 19 RT-PCR negative report and also they have launched a scheme of some 100 Rupee voucher to promote UK. But, instead of this they can arrange rapid test on borders.

    1. Yes, tourism should be opened just like other business

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