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Unchalli Falls near Sirsi, UK-Revisited

My previous visit to Unchalli falls was in Jan 2014, 6.5 years ago. Read here about my first visit. During that visit water level was less, roads were bad. Visited again last week and the situation was much better. This post shares recent photos and updates about Unchalli falls in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka.

This time we started from Tavarumane Homestay, where we were based. I was with Sankara Subramanian, his friend and his friend's family. We were 6 people in two bikes and a car.

We left by about 10-10.30 AM, had some delay as one of the vehicles needed to be fixed. Reached Unchalli falls by about 1 PM. The roads were nice for most part, reasonably OK for rest of the distance. As we arrived at Unchalli, we were greeted by a large tree that had fell across the main gate. However it was possible to maneuver around and enter the falls gate. 

View of the steps

We walked down, crawling under or jumping over many such fallen trees and eventually reached first view point of Unchalli falls. We were welcomed with thick fog that ensured zero visibility of the falls. We proceeded downstairs for other view points and eventually reached the bottom most viewpoint. Occasionally wind or rain would clear the fog and we could get glimpses of the waterfall. However the joy is usually short-lived. By the time we take out phone, open camera and try to capture, fog would usually reappear and blurr the scene. This hide and seek continued for several minutes. We waited patiently and got some reasonably clear photo of the falls.

Climbed up back to first viewpoint- got a much better view this time. 

Back uphill to parking area and we headed back to Tavarumane homestay for lunch. It was 4.30 PM when we reached. I had refreshed myself with couple of tender coconuts in Sirsi and few snacks on the way helped.

Unchalli falls visitor info:

  • About 500 meters/200 steps walking required from parking to falls viewpoint. Be ready to make your way around fallen trees.
  • A petty shop that would sell noodles n snacks was closed, probably due to covid and less customers. Carry whatever you need. Nothing is available.
  • No provision to enter water. You can only view from distance.
Buses are available till Heggarane village, 3-4 kms from Unchalli falls. But it is best to visit Unchalli falls in your own vehicle for better flexibility.

Watch a short 1 min video of Unchalli falls below [youtube link]

Nearby: Balepette falls and Bheemana Eri Gudda are nearby (20 kms more). Burude falls is also nearby but 50+ kms by road. If you are arriving from Bengaluru and heading to Sirsi/Dandeli, best to explore Unchalli and nearby attractions on your way.


  1. Sparkling writing!! Thanks buddy for such a great information!!

  2. Wow! This is spectacular. Hope to visit soon.

  3. The pictures are so beautiful. This entire lockdown has made me look forward to when we can travel again safely.

  4. Really an amazing place, hope to visit soon.

  5. amazing! India is an amazing place lots of things to explore... different culture, religions and food and so much of history to know.. love from London


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