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Unchalli waterfalls, Uttara Kannada

Unchalli falls was on my target ever since school days (one of our staff was from Unchalli) but it took till 2014 for me to visit this place.

If you try to locate how to go to Unchalli falls on google maps, you will fail. Because the road till Unchalli falls is not recognized properly in the maps. Heggarane is the nearest village till which roads can be searched on google maps.

Heggarane is 440 kms from Bengaluru, 35kms from Sirsi and 115 kms from Karwar. From Heggarane, Unchalli falls is another 7kms or so. Vehicles can go all the way till falls, except for last 1km which needs to be covered on foot.

The drive till Heggarane was also enjoyable, with decent roads and nice corners. Enjoyed driving Ertiga through these corners.

A viewpoint gives below view of the falls, those interested can take the steps down, to view the falls from the bottom and play in the waters.
Being January, water levels were low. But I am told falls will have water all through the year.
Unchalli falls area also has some nice flowers, if you observe carefully. Below image clicked by Vasudha Hande
Below is how Unchalli falls looks from above, taken from google earth

Post monsoon will be the best time to visit Unchalli. Jog falls, Yana, Karwar, Dandeli etc are the nearby places you can include in your plan while visiting Unchalli falls


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