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Bullock carts rally to raise awareness on organic food

When we were heading towards Dandeli last month, we came across a large convoy of bullock carts. Later in the day, we came to know more details about where these carts were headed and their purpose.

The campaign was organized by Gadag's Anadaneshwara math, to spread awareness on organic foods. Another reason being to celebrate 100 years of Annadana Mahashivayogi swamiji, who used to head the math.

Gadag to Ulavi is about 200kms journey and 2 week journey has been planned to cover this. (Less than 15 kms a day-understandable since animals aren't meant to pull these carts long distance. Their objective is to create awareness as they move and touch more and more people, than simply race and reach the destination). Some of the carts did reach several days earlier as well. By evening, they would rest by the roadside. Their cart is stuffed with food for the animals and personal belongings of farmers riding them. They had camped very close to Kali Adventure camp where we stayed.

The banner says 101 bullock carts. But I am told lots of carts joined the convoy voluntarily on the way, unplanned and unannounced, increasing the count to close to 200. The matt had arranged for few veterinary doctors and other support facilities for the farmers.

Street filled with bullock carts
Ulavi is a popular devotional centre in North Canara district of Karnataka. Ulavi is also known for Panchaliga caves. It is one of the largely under-explored places. We had planned to explore the caves, but were advised against it due to heavy traffic created by bullock carts and people who thronged the place because of the ceremony. We'll explore the caves some other day.


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