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Tipu Sultan Guest House at Nandi Hills

Nandi hills is the most popular tourist spot for Bangalore people. Most visitors of Nandi hills zip past the entrance to head to the view points. They almost entirely miss the Tipu Sultan Guest house located right next to the main entrance.

Tipu Sultan's guest house is a small 2 story building with probably 4 to 6 rooms, where the King and his ministers would rest when they visited Nandi Hills
Above: Official description of Tipu Sultan Lodge, Nandi Hills
Below: Back side of the logde, from where a series of steps go down the hill. Not sure where they lead us- probably an escape path?
Unfortunately the inside is a mess. Debris thrown all around. Nandi hills has changed a lot since I'd visited it last in 2009. Karnataka State government has spent close to 17 crores to renovate Nandi hills- lots of view points, parks and other renovations have been taken up. However, Tipu Sultan's guest house has been completely ignored, probably because it falls under central agency, the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India)

Next time when you visit, you might wish to stop for a moment near the guest house and take a look. A small pond (named Amrita Sarovara) and a nursery are also present in the vicinity.
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  1. Why is it in such a bad state? I mean, it should be repaired and open for public view. I visited Nandi Hills recently, but didn't notice it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, many visitors skip this as they directly head to hill top.

    This comes under ASI. Hopefully they will do the needful

  3. I did not go inside the guest house last time I was in Nandi Hills. Everything else is well maintained there.

  4. Niranjan: We can't go inside.. one can only see from outside. I took a photo of inside by putting the camera through the window.

    Yes, rest of Nandi hills is well maintained

  5. The steps behind lead down to a temple and then continue down the hill to the base. This was how people climbed up and down before roads were built.

  6. I had recently visited nandi hills and I wanted to see tipu sultan's lodge but area was so badly stinking as if it was ignored from years ..........
    but thanks for info here....hope for some betterment soon....

  7. May be it is the rains... Hope it gets some attention

  8. Good info. Thanks for sharing! I have been reading up about the history of the place. A place with beautiful fort walls ought to have more to offer than views.

  9. You should read tipu sultan-the tyrant of Mysore by sandeep balakrishna,it is based on independent letters written by credible sources its a eye opener


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