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Madras Heritage Car Rally in Chennai- Photos

Madras Heritage Motor Club, in association with The Hindu, keeps conducting Heritage car rallys around Chennai once or twice an year. Unfortunately they announce it pretty late and I used to learn about it only previous morning. Almost invariably I used to have some other plans for that weekend and thus had to miss this Heritage car rally.
Finally this time I got to check out one. I didn’t have any specific plans and had noticed the ad few weeks ago. So planned in advance to check out the vintage cars.

Below are first set of photos taken during the Chennai Pondy Heritage car rally organized by The Hindu & Madras Heritage Motor Club. I've much more photos, will be sharing them in subsequent posts here in this blog and on, an Auto blog where I contribute.

A Dodge Kingsway in action.. Kingsway are interesting cars because of their sharp and long fins. There were many Dodges in the rally. Standby for more photos of this model
Morris Vans and Minis

 The Minis
 Triump motorcycle
 Two for tango- A beetle and another car
All photos copyrighted. Do not reproduce without permission.

Standby while I sort through rest of the photos and share them with you. [Updated: View them here]

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  1. wow. Nice cars and nice collections.

  2. Awesome ancient collection. Thanks to share this awesome collection of used car in chennai.

  3. How can I join the club do I have any chance of it

  4. If you own a vintage car it should be easy to join the club


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