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Ford Perfect, Anglia, Jaguar, other vintage cars at 2014 Chennai Pondy rally

I got to see a few of Ford's vintage cars during the Chennai-Pondy Vintage Rally, held in Chennai this weekend.

The collection includes a ford Perfect, a ford jeep, a Jaguar SS and Mark 9 (then owned by Ford) and Range Rover.

The 1948 Ford Perfect was a luxury car in its time. It was made and sold in UK between 1938 and 1961. Look out for Perfect's sister Anglia at the end of this post.

 Perfect front and perfect rear!

Jaguar Mark IX...
The white 1958 Mark 9 was another attraction. Its unusually long bonnet offered impressive looks.

The Jaguar SS Open top

The four door SS has very comfortable seats, understadbly restored recently with a convertible top
Ford Military Jeep
Ford and Willey's jeeps had near identical design and were used extensively during World War 1.

Notice multiple levers. First one obviously is for gears, while the remaining 2 are for 4 wheel drive. One is used to toggle between 2 wheel ad 4 wheel drive and the other one to toggle between 4 High and 4 Low. (Can be engaged if second one is in 4 wheel drive mode.

Our Mahindras have copied this design almost as it is, so the jeeps are not uncommon for us.

And a land rover
Ford Anglia


I was hoping for a model T, but there were none.

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  1. gawd the cars are gorgeous ! Glossy and all goodlooking !

  2. Nice to see this stuff,its really awesome and i love these cars because of their design and the value in the automotive world.Mainly these are the history makers of the vehicles.Nice work done on the blog,its very interesting.

  3. Cars are awesome....thanks for posting these Vintage cars pics. Many of them are selling their Vintage cars on Quikr too.


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