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Syntheri rocks on Kaneri river, Dandeli

Revisited Syntheri Rocks again in August 2022. Below are the additional updates:

Entry fee is now 50 Rs per person & 50 Rs per car

Access to water is restricted. We can only go to a small observation deck near the river. Earlier we could go on the rocks closer to water. Iwould have loved to walk along the bank for a few hundred meters, find a good spot for photo etc. But in current setup of restricted view, I am not sure if Syntheri Rocks is worth the time and distance it takes to reach here, just to see it from distance and not go any closer.

Last 2 kms roads are still bad

Some sitting areas are made, steps are good and a shop is selling basic stuff

Original Post:
Syntheri rocks is a picturesque spot in Dandeli. Next to Kaneri river lies gigantic rocks, close to 300 ft tall. Located deep inside Dandeli- Anshi reserve forest, Sytheri rocks is a nice place to spend few hours.

Going close to the river and rocks involves climbing down 200 steps, which you'll have to climb up on the way back.

Entry to the venue is controlled by forest department. Open from 10 AM to 5.30 PM and there's a nominal entry fee of Rs 50 per person and Rs 50 per car. (was 20 Rs earlier) The last 2 kms are bad roads, better covered with a  high ground clearance vehicle.

Above one is clicked with 8-16 wide angle lens borrowed from Sandeep. Below snap is clicked with reduced shutter speed to get the milky effect.

Another interesting thing in Syntheri rock is a collection of rock samples. If geology is your subject of interest, this place is a gold mine.

   Rocks are shaped by water flow over centuries

  Swimming is reportedly very dangerous.
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  1. Definitely a nice place to spend some time. Nice captures!

  2. Your post reminded me of the best moments spent in Dandeli. Hope to visit this place soon.

  3. Great blog. This blog is providing so many useful information aboutDandeli


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