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BMW 320d Rental in Bangalore-Photos

I don’t have a good record of winning vote based online contests, mostly because I participate half heartedly or do not promote the contest enough to get lots of votes. But I do participate pretty seriously at Zoom cars facebook contests which they conduct like once in six months. Mainly because I have good chance of winning there and the reward- one free day with the car is tempting, particularly when it is a Rs 38 lakhs on road BMW 3 series. Last time our Scorpio photo had won the prize and this time my BMW and Reva e2o pics were declared winners.  The prizes were to be redeemed on a weekday, which wsan’t practical for me, so I asked them to club both prizes and give me a BMW for weekend.

Last weekend I utilized the same and drove around Blr in their shiny white BMW 320d, the same car which I had driven earlier.

As I’ve already written about what is missing in a BMW 320d and have reviewed it, just sharing some key observations and lots of photos below. This post contains generic photos of the car. Some more photos, with sunrise/sunset theme will be published on Friday.

Some of these photos are clicked by Sandeep Srinivas (Shande)

Thanks to Shande's wide angle lens, the car's front part looks longer than it is
Interiors in a wide angle mode. I should have been more careful about the slippers out there and the seat cover
 Below is another well composed shot by Sandeep. He used the shadow of the support rails so well, it looks carved out for BMW
 Below are some more photos, in various backgrounds and angles

Compared to last drive, I noticed 2 changes:

BMW cars do not come with a spare wheel. Their run flat tyres are reportedly capable of running 200kms at 80kmph even after a flat. However, noticed that Zoom has added a spare tyre in the boot for safety, reportedly after a tyre blast incident. The other change being the speed warning. At 110kmph dashboard beeps to give an over-speed warning. It is little frustrating to drive at 110km when the road is straight and empty but you’re not allowed to speed up. (zoom has a 110kmph max speed policy, which is slightly inhibitive during highway ride and long drives)
The 7 spoke allow wheel doesn't match with rest of the car (5spoke)

Meanwhile, if you wish to rent, BMW 320d is not available at reduced rent of Rs 7500 per day or Rs 750 per hour (was Rs 9999 and 999 respectively some 6 months ago). It is even cheaper by 35% during week days. Check on 225kms worth of fuel is also included in daily rental.

View some more photos here, standby for BMW special skywatch photos

Thanks to those of you who voted for this contest


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