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Dodge Kingsway photos from Chennai Pondy Vintage rally 2014

Next few posts in this blog will be heavy on vintage cars. Please bear with me. If vintage cars doesn't interest you, you can check travel related posts here

Dodge Kingsway are good looking cars, particularly famous for their long and sharp tail fins. I spotted a fiew at Chennai Pondy Heritage Rally 2014, organized by Madras Heritage Motoring Club and The Hindu.

Dodge brand was owned by Chrysler. Up close photos and additional details for you

Apart from eye catching exterior paintwork, the interiors of this car is also amazing. It is meticulously maintained or restored and paint job is very inviting

 Dodge Logo

Dodge Kingsway Deluxe model- gets a hard top and was few dollars cheaper than the normal model, though it was named Deluxe

If you're interested, there're a few Dodge Kingsway for sale in OLX, price quote ranging between 8 to 17 lakhs. Half a century ago, these cars used to give 6-8 km per litre of mileage. It is one third of what today's car give, but back then, petrol was 100 times cheaper.

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  1. The 1954 Dodge converible as well as the both the black kingsways, the grey morris minor tourer, the Ford A, yellow mini, Green Morris van were all restored by my company TEAMCSA

  2. nice descriptions. see the video here


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