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Zenair vs Xair microlight flying comparison

One week after flying in x-air (detailed experience account here), I tried another sortie in a different plane and operator- Zenair from Agni aviation, in the same Jakkur airfield). Compared to Xair, Zenair felt more practical and real aircraft. It is bigger, more powerful and gets you a better flying experience.
Looks ultra-light and small, more like a college student’s project
Looks like a proper aircraft from all angles
582 cc, 65hp roof mounted and open Bombardier
Twice powerful engine, housed in the nose
Looks better
Looks basic
Flying experience
Much better-responds swifter and easier to control. Instructor gave better controls and I had a more enriching flying experience.
Takes off and lands much faster
Fine. Pilot did most of the work, I did some basic maneuvering.
Duration of the flight
15 mins (from engine start to shut down, 10 mins in air)
30 mins (from engine start to shut down, 20 mins in air)
Rs 4000 for 15 mins (Rs 267 per min)
Rs 5000 for 30 mins (Rs 167 per min)
Good for
Better flying experience, quick take offs and landing
Longer flight/jolly ride, if you want to enjoy the scenery and not much of flying on your own
Cost of aircraft
23 lakhs+
55 lakhs+
Bangalore Aerosports
Agni Aviation
Other comments
Made of steel rods and fibre/cloths largely
Made of metal, , slightly bigger cabin

Comparing Zenair vs Xair microlight flying
Images: Cockpit
Above: Zenair's cockpit
Below: Xair microlight's cockpit 

 Exterior looks of Zenair vs Xair microlight
Above: Bigger and more aircraft like Zenair
Below: Cheaper and lighter Xair microlight
 All your FAQs related to microlight flying has been clarified here

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