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Sudha Nagaraj’s Doll Collection, Bengaluru

Mrs Sudha Nagaraj is passionate about dolls and every hear, her family has been exhibiting dolls during Dasara-Deepavali season. We’re told this tradition has been continuing since 14 years now.
We got a chance to peep into their house in South Bangalore and have a look at various dolls they have exhibited this year.

Each year a theme is selected and dolls are arranged around this theme. Dashavatara was this year's theme. Mrs Sudha did elaborate a lot on her dolls and this year’s theme- due to shortage of time and lack of expertise in this field, I couldn’t register all of them to reproduce here. Hence sharing with you only photos.

After the season, dolls are carefully packed and stored, only to come out next year. Mrs Sudha also makes new dolls and keeps adding to her collection. She has found her happiness in this passion of hers and was also featured in newspapers a few times because of her dolls.

Today's Vijaya Karnataka has featured few more photos of doll collection. Read a similar post by Anu Sankaran


  1. The dolls are so beautiful! !wish i could make some like these!! esp loved that vishnu-lakshmi on garuda! and thanks for linking to my blog :)

  2. Wow the dolls are soooooooooooooo beautiful


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