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Tata Aria photoshoot- first set

What would you do if you're given an 18 lakh car for a few days? I decided to use it for my Deepavali travel and also do a photoshoot.

Below are some of my pics around Tata Aria. Might sound like a promotion for aira, but I was attempting to take photos similar to what a professional auto journalist would take, within the limitations I had.

Below: Aria with horses... While aria has 140 horses under its bonnet, it got company of grazing horses in Chickmangaloor. These horses appear to be owned by some nomadic families who had pitched tents nearby.
As we were driving back, a large herd of sheeps was being taken to some place... I was tempted to click Aria with it. I crossed the herd, pulled over to the mud road, got out of the vehicle and waited for the sheeps to go all around the vehicle. Didn't get a shot as exactly as I had expected- a click from an elevation would have been nice, but this one appears good enough.
Took couple of shots of Aria with its elder cousin, the 207. 207 also has same 2.2 litre engine, but tuned for load carrying capacity and efficiency. Aria is shorter and appears to have almost same height.

 Aria with Bulldozers- clicked at a place called Kolankal (more about it later)
 We went to world famous jog falls, but water levels were discouraging. Below is the photo of Aria posing in front of Jog Falls...
 Another shot, infront of a damanged house, somewhere on the way to Hasana
 Aria is a 4x4 vehicle, hence tried some soft off roading...Images aren't that clear though...
 Sunrise with Tata Aria
Doing photoshoot is not as easy as it sounds. It isn't certainly as simple as parking the car and taking pics. Lot of factors go into it.

When auto journalists do photoshoots, they would have lot of previeleges I can't have. Unlike planned and organized photoshoots, I had no support vehicle, no professional camera or photographer, not the luxury of time to wait for days for a particular shot.

While driving to my destinations, I stopped over for few minutes and clicked some pics. Sometimes sunlight is not favourable, sometimes there'll be people and vehicles in the frame preventing me from taking a clean shot, sometimes we're in a hurry, hence passengers inside won't have patience to wait while I take photos. Sometimes season matters a lot- for example, October is not the right time to go to Jogfalls. But then, I shouldn't be complaining. Still, I am satisfied I got some good photos. There're more photos and travelogues lined up, please standby. 


  1. the comparison shots with the old TATA is cool...brings back a lot of memories as our first family car was a tata estate....yet to find a backseat that comfortable till date. . . the tata estate and aria are worlds apart in terms of design and engine noise too...shows the evolution of tata from a truck manufacturer to a car manufacturer!

  2. You should have taken a photographer with you.. :)


  3. Anand: Thanks

    Ram: My fellow passengers doubled up as photographers several times...

    Deepak: Thanks

  4. Anand: Thanks

    Ram: My fellow passengers doubled up as photographers several times...

    Deepak: Thanks

  5. I saw the second set first and then came here... Second set was better.

    Hope 3rd set will be even better


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