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Cracker wholesale prices [updated]

This Deepavali, if you're planning to buy crackers and wish to know the cheapest rates, this chart might help you.

I do not burn crackers and don't recommend either. Not sure what is the fun burning money this way in exchange for loud noise and pollution. But there're many who enjoy firing crackers. Some say we shouldn't encourage child labour at Sivakasi (a south Indian city known for cracker industry) by buying crackers, while others say if no one buys crackers these kids will starve to death as cracker industry is the breadwinner for entire family.

While driving from Bangalore to Chennai, it is impossible to miss the roadside shops selling crackers. They've hired people to lure motorists into the shop, by displaying placards announcing 90% discount on MRP. I stopped by a shop to check the prices. If you're buying from a local shop, this chart can help you identify the price difference

Note that one sheet says Sudharsan Crackers, while the other reads Sudharchan. I don't recognize most of the items in the list, except Lakshmi and roll cap.

Below: Tata Aria which was being driven to Chennai


  1. I brought craker from Hosur for sale in Bangalore but due to License issue i not able put , So i decided to sale for same price in Bangalore which i got from Hosur,If any one interested pls call to my no. 9448985018(You will get for very cheap price)


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