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Petronas Twin tower photos

Petronas twin towers is a significant landmark in Kuala Lumpur. Located in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre), Petronas houses shopping complex, eateries in basement/ground level and rest of the building is office space. It attracts lot of tourists and tourists are allowed to climb a bridge located at half the height of the tower, in level 41. The only hindrance is getting to go till top. Only limited number of tourists are allowed every day to climb up to the bridge. There’s no advance booking, and tickets are issued on first come first serve basis. The demand is so high, people queue up from 6AM onwards for a counter that opens only at 8.30. If you get lucky you get to go, else better luck next time.
Knowing this well, our objective was to leave hotel by 6.30 and reach KLCC by 7 and stand in line for tickets to go up to level 41. Unfortunately we landed at LCCT by about 1AM and it was 3AM when we hit the bed. We could get up only at 7.30-8 and it was 9.30 am when we eventually reached KLCC. As expected all tickets for that day were sold out and we only had to see twin towers from outside. There’s always a next time. Going up to observation deck of KL tower compensated to some extent, but twin tower gives very different experience.

Next few hours we spent around KLCC- walking around the malls, an exhibition hall, Aquaria KLCC and a park located behind the twin towers. Exhibition hall had a furniture expo going on and we saw a range of beds and tables and house hold items. We got a fancy looking toy chair as complementary.

Behind the twin towers is a nice park with a play area and pool for kids. Specific points from where one can take photo of twin towers are marked to help tourists.

Entire KLCC premises has very minimal security- no metal detectors, no baggage screening, not many guards posted around. Their threat perception is less and hence this should be fine.

Sharing some of the good photos taken around petronas twin towers.

 Below: KL Tower and twin tower in one click

Some photos of the park near Petronas Twin Towers

Below: File photo from an earlier post, as to how it looks from twin tower bridge, clicked by Partho
twin-t Twin-tower-walkway Twin-tower-top-view Malaysia-twintower-night


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