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Chunchi Falls, Arkavati river,near Sangama

Chunchi falls is about 90 kms from Bengaluru, off Kanakapura road, near Bheemeshwari and Sangama.

We went there mid July. The sound was inviting and was audible from a distance, which raised expectations. However, the falls as such was a disappointment, as all we got to see was a small stream of water. (see below)

As we neared, there were many signs warning of danger and not to go further. The internet pictures were marginally better than what we saw. May be timing was key. Had we gone in September/October probably falls would have been richer.

Arkavati is the name of the river which forms this waterfall (if you can qualify above pic as a waterfall). A few kms downstream, River Arkavati merges with River Kaveri, at a place called Sangam
Location appeared ideal for trekking- found trails- couldn't explore much due to time constraint. We hardly spotted any tourists heading this way. Kannada sign boards were enough to guide us till here- there was no need to take help from others.
Chunchi falls can be added to your plan along with other destinations like Bheemeshwari, Sangama, Mekedaatu etc.

Warning signs close up- Image by Divya
From here we drove to Sangama through a village road, from there drove another 11 kms in a mud road to reach Jungle lodges resort in Galibore. Nothing eye catching anywhere, but I enjoyed the drive all the way.

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  1. I too didn't like Chunchi falls. I had gone during February. Water still was there to flow but not a good one to see, though it provides a short trekking experience.

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  3. Does it have so less water even after the monsoons?


  4. Ram: MaY BE couple of months after monsoon, so that water can accumulate

    Gowtham: Thanks for your comment

  5. Is there hunting is allowed? Although that's a ideal location for trekking .


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