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DirtMania ATV quadbike ride, Bangalore

Ticked off another item in my wishlist- rode ATV for couple of laps. In 2009 we had spotted ATVs in Yercaud, which were priced at Rs 500 a ride and we had to skip it as we felt it too expensive. Chennai also has couple of places where you can try these (One in ECR and another near AP border) Recently, just to tick off this item, visited DirtMania with my cousin in Bangalore.
It was a small facility, with nearly flat track. No ramp to jump off, no boulders to cross and wherever there was little mud (and some possibility of fun), staff would guide us to go around, on a solid ground. No Sand, No woods.

While dirtmania website mentioned wide range of ATVs from 50cc to 700cc, when we visited they only had 200cc and 300 cc ones in working condition. Others were either under repair/maintenance. We reached there at about 11 in the morning, probably first party for the day. We took 4 laps for Rs 500 on a 300 cc bike, plus Rs 20 entry fee. Only one vehicle of 200 cc was automatic and others were manual, with one down and 4 up configuration. The engines are from China, the staff told us. The safety equipments all appear old and worn out. Facility has a small observation deck for family members to watch.

Good for a one time experience. These ATVs can be purchased for about INR 1 lakh onwards, but aren’t supposed to be driven on roads (though they’re best suited for Bangalore roads) Will be nice to have if you own a farm or things like that. Recently popular ATV maker Polaris has started sales in India, let us see how it catches up.

Note: Dirtmania is about 35 kms from Bengaluru city, on Kanakapura road. It is about 8 kms from Art of Living campus. Watch out for the sign boards as you drive. After crossing a small water body, take right turn as suggested by the board.

Jetski is the next on my radar. Let us see.


  1. Interesting. Did not know about this.

  2. It was fun crashing the bike. But As a motor head, i am going once again in the near future.

  3. We had been there a couple of months ago... Was really good..

  4. ಇಂತಹ ವಾಹನವನ್ನು ಪುತ್ತೂರಿನವರ್ಯಾರೋ ಚೀನಾದಿಂದ ತರಿಸಿದ ಕಥೆಯನ್ನು 'ಅಡಿಕೆ ಪತ್ರಿಕೆ'ಯಲ್ಲಿ ಓದಿದ್ದೆ.


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