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Chennai's 3D Click Art Museum on ECR

Almost every city around the world is getting its own 3D art museum-creative artwork with which visitors can pose and get their photographs clicked, with various interesting themes and perspectives.

I have visited such art museums earlier- Venezia Mall, Hua Hin, Thailand * I AM BALI interactive art museum * Alive Museum, Suntech city Mall, Singapore to name a few. Phuket also had a Trick Eye Museum in old town but I couldn't visit due to time constraints.

Recently Chennai got its on 3D art museum, named Click Art Museum, housed above Snow Kingdom near VGP Beach resort in ECR. This post shares some of my clicks at this Click Art Museum.

1. Surfing

This was the first painting as we enter- using the wall and floor, a visual appeal is created as if one is surfing in the open ocean. Guests just have to post creatively standing on the surfboard.

Check this post for real surfing images. clicked at Blue Point Beach, Bali.

2. Split Body- this is a common item in many trick eye museums- sit inside a sofa with lower body hidden, with a fake set of legs besides you, to offer an impression that you are cut in half.
3. Butterfly- another simple trick, with butterfly wings on both sides.
4. Kiss the venom:

 5. Charlie Chaplin giving you rose...
 6. Flight the Crocodile
 7. Surrounded by fishes...

8. Venice

9. Mermaid 
 There're some 15+ other such paintings- do visit and explore when free

Address: 159, 5/108 5/108, SH 49, Akkarai, Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600115
Timing: 10 AM to 8 PM
Fee: Rs 100 per person, single entry
Time to spend: 30-45 mins approx, 1 hour max (but no official time limit)
Snow Kingdom
* VGP Golden Beach resort *  Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers


  1. Awesome, its really an amazing place, will love to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It would be interesting to go with a photographer friend

    1. Yes, but photographer friend not mandatory- even mobile camera is enough. There're clear instructions on where to stand etc.

  3. A delightful post! Brought a smile to my lips. Thank you. Also, very informative As I never knew such an interesting place existed.

  4. Great place and great post.

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing! Had no idea about this. Will be visiting soon for sure!

  6. I too have been to the Hua Hin one! The price is reasonable at 100 rupees!

  7. That's kinda cool. I liked the wave, the most.


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