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Coco island, Velachery- great café for coconut based items

I came to know about Coco Island in Velachery, Chennai from Katie Nathan of Chennai Focus. Coco Island is a small café with seating for about 5 to 10 people but it serves some really good juices and smoothies, all focused around tender coconut. I have made 2 visits to this place so far, recent one last weekend. As I have a liking for tender coconut, I like the drinks on offer at Coco island. Through this post, I am hoping to give some visibility to them.
Their items are very reasonably priced. This large cup of Coco Chikkoo- a drink made by mixing sapota (Chikkoo) and tender coconut water, is priced at Rs 80. Smaller quantity one is available at Rs 50. But unless you explicitly ask for small size, they might serve larger quantity and ask for Rs 80
If you’re in Velachery area, do stopby and sample some of their drinks. It is located opposite TCS building, on Taramany road that links SRP tools and Vijayanagar bus stand.

Coco Island is a very small shop- they don’t have a large seating area or big army of staff or flashy website/artificial discounts etc. My best wishes to them to grow bigger and open more branches. They also serve tender coconut as is, but on my first visit the stock was good while on second visit it wasn't. So just hope to be lucky on your day of visit.

There is a chain of restaurants named Coco Jaunt 1728- but that one isn’t really focused on coconut. There is another coco island in Navalur. Need to check it out some day.
On similar note, there were news of Coconut cafes being launched by the highway in Karnataka. But other than the launch news, I haven’t noticed much news about them. Hope to check them out on my next trip around Bengaluru, if they are still operational.

If you're planning to visit, Coco Island is on the left side of the road after TCS building, while driving from SRP tools towards Velachery


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