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Rainforest in the desert- Green Planet, Dubai

Green Planet Dubai is a 4 story building under which rain-forest ambiance is created . Lots of birds, animals, insects are housed inside the green planet. Green forest is Dubai's largest indoor man-made tropical rain-forest.
The green planet is about 3.5 kms from Burj Khalifa, 2.4 kms from Financial Centre metro station. Visit to this place can be clubbed with visit to various other attractions along the Sheik Zyed road- such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, World Trade centre etc. While going to Green Planet we got down at Financial Centre metro and walked. While returning we took a taxi to Dubai Mall.
External view of the green planet- from a distance and closeup
Reasons to visit Green Planet Dubai
Being in desert, getting a feel of a forest- particularly rain forest is a unique experience. Of course for those who have visited the western ghats or other rainforests in South East Asia this isn't a big deal.

Green Planet campus houses several birds and animals- they are free to roam around the green plant though can't go outside. (They won't survive outside in the desert). The birds are used to humans coming very close, so they don't fly away if we try to get a closer picture. The central canopy is abotu 45 meters from ground.

Upon buying the ticket, we were taken through a small area that housed some small size aquariums

Then we were taken to 4th floor via elevator, from here we begin walking down. Our first encounter was with the resident sloth, who would move around hanging from one thing to another.  Do watch the video at the end of post for his actions. For an additional AED 149, visitors can get up close with this sloth, everyday 2.30 PM
White one is Cockatoo and yellow parrot is Golden Conure, (bird identification by Siluvai Amalan)

Below: Asian Fairy Blubird

Above left: Guinea Turaco
Below: Snake-We could touch a snake (but not allowed to hold it)

Above: hyacinth macaw
Below: Sun Conure

Got to see many birds- check pictures, touched a snake, saw many more organisms- some of them caged, some of them too small to be seen with eye- had to be seen via microscope.
Above: A waterfall inside the dome
Below: A green snake.

Above- microscopic view
Above: White Crested Turaco

 View of the dome from bottom of the green planet.
We came down in about 30 minutes- we were asked if we'd like to go for another round- we said yes,so were sent upstairs for a repeat. This is highly recommended as birds and animals keep changing their positions- you might see something better/new on your second round.

The entry fee is AED 99 per person. Fish feeding and few other activities like up-close encounter with sloth and sugar gliders cost extra (AED 149, at 2.30 PM and 3.30 PM respectively.

I felt the entry fee of AED 99 is on the higher side, but then, keeping this large dome cool all the time, taking care of these animals and birds, paying the staff will cost money, so may be it is reasonable. In a way Green forest reminded me of Cloud Forest dome inside Singapore're Gardens by the bay. But the difference being Green Forest has more live birds and animals, while cloud forest is bigger in size but has mainly flora, not fauna.

http://www.thegreenplanetdubai.com/en is the official website for Green Planet, Dubai

Watch this 6 minute video on Green Planet, Dubai [Watch on Youtube]

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