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Dubai Garden Glow-for a colourful evening!

The glow garden in Dubai was a treat to our eyes. It contains hundreds of illuminated objects providing a visual treat.

Reaching the glow garden- we walked out of AL Jafiliya metro station and the glow garden was visible at a distance. But Google map didn’t show any walking path. The car path shown was about 3.5 kms due to long detour required. We decided to walk in the direction of the destination- with a bit of trial and error we could find a way to the entrance- we would have walked about 1.5 kms from the Metro station (my rough guess)

At the ticket counter we were encouraged to buy a ticket for ice park as well- I wasn’t very sure but purchased anyway, which I regretted later. We went inside, could see an array of tastefully illuminated objects. Check the photos below, a video is available at the end of the post.

The structures on the lake made for great reflections and enjoyed clicking them.

Dinosaur park- Adjacent to the glow garden, there’s a dinosaur park- (no separate entry fee)- the park has dozens of giant dinosaurs which are given some head, jaw and leg movement. Accompanied by a sound of dinosaurs roaring, these movements create a feel as if the animal is alive and moving.  Kids may have fun here but as adult after seeing one or two of these we got bored

The Ice park was waste of money- not worth it
At the ticket counter, staff persuaded us to also buy tickets for the ice park- additional 50 AED per person. But after visiting it, I feel it is not really worth the additional 50 AED. Ice land is a very small chamber- just about 40 foot or so in length and 20 foot in width (my guess)- includes a few ice made artefacts- visitors pass in between these objects, can get some photos clicked (low light- not very good for photos and come out. Check the photos below. Having been to Jungfraugjoh in Swiss and inside Snow Kingdom in Chennai, I didn’t find this worth the extra 50 AED for 5 mins of ice experience. Use your discretion.

Dubai Garden Glow Visitor Information:
Timing: 4 PM to 11.30 PM
Entry fee: 60 AED per person (Glow garden + Dinosaur park only, ice park 50 AED extra)
Location: Jabeel park
Nearest metro: Al Jafiliya on Red Line
Time to spend: 2 hours minimum
Also note: The Dubai Frame is nearby and can be visited along with glow garden. Visit Dubai Frame first, use FOB to walk across to the glow garden (the opposite is NOT possible, security at the bridge didn’t let us pass, though he was seen allowing others cross the bridge.

Refreshments are available for purchase- tender coconut sells for 20 AED in tourist places while it costs 5.95 AED in a supermarket. Other stuffs are relatively overpriced as well, but that is common in any tourist place. Better to carry your own water n some snacks- savings will be huge.

Watch a detailed video I made on Glow Garden, Dubai.. [Watch on Youtube here]

Also visit: Green Planet Dubai * Dubai Frame
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