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What's new at AirlineBlog this April?

If you've not been regular at my Airlineblog, this post provides you with a quick summary of various posts published in the airlineblog during April 2018

1. FlyDubai New 737 Max 8 Economy and Business Seats
Read this post to know more about what's unique in Dubai based budget airline FlyDubai's new economy and business class seats, as experienced during ATM2018.

2. Etihad "The Residence" closer look
Check the blogpost for photos n video of the most luxurious cabin in the sky- The Residence by Etihad Airways

3. Jet Airways Bid for upgrade scheme- review
Jet Airways has introduced a Bid for Upgrade scheme in which economy passengers can bid for premiere (Jet Airway's business class) seats- but I found it cheaper to buy a new premiere seat than bidding- check the post for detailed analysis.

4. Air Asia's deliberated complicated cancellation process
I wrote about AirAsia's unnecessarily complicated cancellation process. AirAsia India boss has replied promising action. Nothing has changed so far- let us wait n see what improvements they incorporate.

5. Ultimate Guide to cheap flight bookings
Booking cheap ticket is not a function of time. It is a function of how flexible you are and knowing the right price to book at. Refer the post for some practical tips.

6.Why can't India's airlines make in-flight announcements in regional languages?
This post shares my thoughts on why India based airlines can't make in-flight announcement in local languages. Do read and share your thoughts

7. New Airport near Udupi
There's a news of new airport being planned near Byndoor, Udupi district in coastal Karnataka

8. Saudi based Flynas looking to fly to India
Saudi Arabia based low cost carrier Flynas is looking to fly to India. Not yet sure which city they will begin first- if they do, Indians get cheap flights to middle east, africa and South Europe

9.Day trip to Antarctica via Chile
While traditional way to reach Antarctica is a ship route via Argentina, Antarctic Airways is operating day trip to Antartcica from Chile- check the post for details

10 Garuda Indonesia Mumbai-Bali direct flight
Garuda has begun direct flight between Mumbai and Bali (AirAsia had opted to discontinue Mumbai flights)- check the post for schedule and price

11. Malaysia Airlines Travel deal
You've one more day to make use of Malaysia airline grand travel deal...

12. Malindo bags 2 awards
Wrote about Malindo Airlines winning 2 significant awards- check the post for details

There're few more posts- about FlyDubai Chennai-Dubai 12k return and Chennai-Egypt 24k return- these don't seen to be available now. Air NewZealand sale and cleartrip offer was also covered but now expired.

Guest posts are now welcome at Airlineblog- if you're interested, check the guidelines here

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