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Last Exit -Food truck/street food eating joints in Dubai!

During one of the evenings, we visited the Last Exit in Dubai. Last Exit is a food truck/street food eating joint in Dubai.

There're 4 different spots where Last Exit operates- Al Qudra is where we visited. Others are Jabel Ali South and North, Al Khawaneej. Their official website is

Last Exit houses a dozen + food trucks, each selling different unique stuffs at reasonable prices. There's an Indian food outlet, called Jaldi Jaldi
Several other burger, hot dog and such food items are sold from the trucks

 We had some tea at My Karak (AED 5 per tea)
There're some play areas and creative artefacts placed around for fun.

A small pond exists in a corner
 This cow statue caught my attention
Parking was a bit tight during the weekend. (parking is free). Overall, the short visit was worth it. Not sure if I would recommend going all the way from city but if you're around and can visit it with a small diversion, then do visit Last Exit.

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  1. All these are new tourist attractions which have come up after we left UAE in Y2012.

    1. You should visit again to check the latest attractions!


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