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Old Sarum Castle ruins, Salisbury, UK

My tour to Stonehenge had a stop at Old Sarum. Sarum is a town on the outskirts of Salisbury. Sarum had a beautiful castle 8 centuries ago. Now only a few ruins are left.

Overall there isn't anything super impressive at Old Sarum Castle. If you can skip it, skip it. I would have gone somewhere else if I had done better research. I visited Old Sarum because it was included in the ticket and was on the way to Salisbury. I am sure there're more interesting places nearby if you are tight on time.
Campus is nice to sit around and relax for a while. Few benches are available, you can bring your own snacks. A small office exists to buy tickets, donate or buy some souvenirs. Ample car parking is available. 
There was a great tower near the entrance- named King's great tower- very little of it is left. There are few more signboards giving history of chapel and other places inside the castle.

Visitor Info for Old Sarum Castle
Refer below image for visitor info. The entry fee was part of my Stongehenge tour ticket so I didn't have to pay extra.

Reaching Salisbury from Old Sarum

The Salisbury tour ticket I had was valid for Salisbury local city buses that pass through Sarum. I could have taken one of them to reach city, but I didn't know. I waited till next tour bus arrived. Salisbury town is just a few kms from Sarum, so if you have the time and energy you can even try walking.

Nearby: Salisbury Cathedral

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