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Hyundai Venue S+ PDI Checklist

I had made this PDI checklist while evaluating Hyundai S+.  PDI or Pre-Delivery Inspection is buyers last opportunity to identify any existing issues in the car. If you spot any issue in the vehicle during PDI stage, you can ask dealer to replace the car or fix the issue depending on how serious it is. If there are dents or damages, paint job issue, vehicle has been driven unreasonably high number of kms (50-100+) then you have all the rights to reject the car. If you miss spotting them, car will be registered in your name and dealer may claim car was fine when they delivered, these issues came up only later. Then your options will be limited.

So how to do PDI?

  • Do PDI in daylight, outdoors, not indoor or during dark time
  • Understand various features of your car and variant. You should do this before ordering, so that you won't have any disappointment. No one will help if you were expecting the car to have some feature not explicitly called out and it is not there.
  • If not confident, take a friend well knowledgeable about cars
  • Keep enough time- do PDI before car goes to RTO- you may need 2-3 hours. Don't keep this for delivery day when you are too exited to drive home, family members are waiting and showroom is about to close.

Below is a PDI checklist I made for Hyundai Venue S+. Feel free to edit as per your needs. Similar can be used for other models of vehicles, just that you have add any new feature and ignore features not available/not applicable to that variant.

#SectionFeaturePDI pointsSpecPDI status
1ExteriorPaintsNo scratches
2No repainting
3No panel gap
4Dual tone (if applicable)
5LampsHigh beam
6Low beam
7Left turn indicator- front
8Right turn indicator- front
9Left turn indicator - rear
10Right turn indicator - rear
11Hazard light
12Fog light
13Brake light
14Tail lamp- left n right
15Tail lamp- central
16Corner Lamp-left n right
17Follow me home
18Auto headlamp (NA for S+)
20WiperFront (2 wipers, multipe speeds)
21Rear (NA for S+)
24Door closing sound-driver door
25Door closing sound- front passenger
26Front left window- roll up
27Front right window
28Rear Left window
29Rear right window
30Window power buttons- driver side
31Window power button- individual
32Door closing sound- rear left passenger
Door closing sound- rear right passenger
35ORVM-right- autofold
36ORVM letft - autofold
37ORVM right- indicators
38ORVM left- indicators
39ORVM right-adjustment
40ORVM left- adjustment
ORVM autofold on lock/unlock (NA for S+)
43Suspension visual check
44Disc brake rust check
45EngineOil Level
48Engine Number
49Wiper Water level
50Wiper operation
51Bonet opening & closing
52Bonet sheild
53InteriorRear Seat folding
54Parcel tray
56Speedo console
57Wiper controls
58Headlight controls
59Steering adjustment
60Driver seat height adjustment
61Driver seat headrest adjustment
62Cooled glovebox
63Passenger headrest arrangement
65Driver seat adjustment
66passenger seat adjustment
67Seatbelt warning
68Overhead lamp- 3 control options
692nd row folding arm rest (NA for S+)
70Driver armrest (non sliding for S+)
71Over the door holders
72Baggage Hook
75Door pockets
78AC controls
79AC vents - front and rear
80AC adjustment
81USB Charging
82Door handles
83Sunvisor-driver side
84Sunvisor- passenger sideVanity Mirror
85Overhead lamp
86Rear View mirror
87Parking sensor
88Body colour AC ventTectonic Blue
89Body colour mirrorTectonic Blue
90Bootboot lamp
91Spare wheel
92tool kit
93boot opening and closing
94DrivingEgnition Key
95Engine sound in cabin
96Gear transfer
98brake response
99Accelerator response
100RPM display
101Speed, fuel economy display
1025 liter fuel
103Display selection
104Tripmeter reset
105OthersOwners Manual
106Form 22
107Registration fee breakdown
Final quote with price protection & consumer discount - insurance, extended warranty/AMC, essential kit
109Service centre location, timeline
110Service schedule
112Chassis number
113Temp Registraion
114Permanent Registration timeline
115Fast tag
116Anti pinch windows
117Key fob functions
Auto roll of windows immediately after ignition off
Reverse Camera, sensor n guiding lines
120Road side assistance details
Infotainment system
123Android Auto (wired)
124Apple Carplay
125Touch screen experience
126Wireless charging (NA for S+)
127Bluelink (NA for S+)
128Physical buttons operation
129Steering mounted control operation
130USB content
131Ground Clearance190 mm
132TyreTyre spec
133Tyre Pressure
135Rim size
136Spare wheel size comparison
137Air insert nozzle cap
Mud flap
139Door mat
140Vehicle cover
141Seat covers
142Anything else you might have ordered
143Antirust/Ceramic coatings

My personal PDI experience: I checked of the above things as soon as SA informed that car has arrived. A few more things I checked before taking delivery. I think I still missed 10-20% but haven't faced any issue with the car so far.

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