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Kuppalli-Kuvempu's Birthplace in Sahyadri hills

While returning to Bengaluru from Murudeshwara, we took a deviation and visited Kuppalli village. This little village, located off Thirthahalli in Shimoga district, Karnataka is the birth place of popular kannada poet and writer, Kuvempu (Kuppalli Venkatappa Puttappa). The house is now converted into a memorial.

There're 3 spots to visit in Kuppalli- Kavi Mane or house of Kuvempu, KaviShaila- a scenic evening spot on the rocks, where Kuvempu used to sit and take inspiration from the nature. His samadhi or burrial memorial is here and the third one is an art gallery and memorial building.

Some exterior photos for your reference. Photography not allowed inside.

1. Kavi Mane (House of the Poet)
Front view. Inside the house, the artefacts used by Kuvempu- house hold items or otherwise are preserved and displayed. Also on display are his books, medals and certificates. We could see hand written copy of Sri Ramayana Darshanam, which got the Jnanapeetha award to Kuvempu.

The bath room- has a pot for hot water and a small pit in which one would stand and take bath. 

Kuvempu Memorial 
 Art Gallery 
Kavi Shaila- a view point on the nearby rocks, where poet would spend his evenings and draw inspiration from nature.

Books written by Kuvempu are available for sale in the campus.

Kuppalli is a scenic place far away from cities. Certainly worth a visit when you're in the area

Entry fee Rs 10, open from morning to evening. KSRTC has a Rajahamsa bus directly to Kuppalli. Otherwise one has to go to nearest town Thirthahalli and then go to Kuppalli.

More about Kuvempu on wikipedia

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