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Turahalli forest view point (Karishma hills), Bengaluru with Nano

Turahalli forest off Kanakapura road has a nice view point, unofficially known as Karishma hills.

I was unaware of this destination in Bengaluru all these years, until recently when a cousin went there. When I had the new Tata Nano Twist at my disposal and was wondering where to go, this place struck me and we went there. This post has some photos and basic information about Karishma hills, Bangalore. 
Turahalli forest view point (aka Karishma hills)- not sure why it is called so- is a small rocky area off Kanakapura road, overlooking NICE road. It is about 13 kms from Banashankari area. It is not really a hill but certainly worth a quick visit if you’ve never been before.  


Reaching Karishma hills
Once at Kanakapura road, after crossing nice road underpass, need to take a right turn at Vajarahalli road. (If you've crossed Nandi Toyota on your left, you've gone too far)  After few kms, you’ll enter an area that appears foresty (Turahalli Forest area in google maps). The road turns left and proceeds further, to go to view point you need to go right. If you go in big cars you may have to park it here and walk the next 1 km. If you go on bikes or small car like Nano, you can drive till the end.

This place is not listed on Google maps. If you search using Karishma hills, map will take you to an apartment complex with same name located closeby, which is not where the viewpoint or rocks are located. Be careful to follow the directions above.
What is there at Karishma hills?

Few rocks and trees, offering good view of the city and sunset. A small temple also exists. No other facilities exist on top. We saw few people walking around and it looked like a trekking trail is available around. We didn't explore that part.

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  1. This place is new to me.
    may be I will make a visit there soon.

  2. Sure. it was new to me too till early 2014...

  3. Itz an old place me and my friends are visiting from long time

  4. Police r not allowing anyone inside tat forest now:(

  5. Adarsha: Oops! The police are spoiling all fun.. One person commits suicide, all they do is block entry!

  6. Hey, I wanted to know if the Police situation still remains the same? Im planning to get my girl here... Would that be okay? Is the place private or do people come here often? On a Saturday perhaps? Thanks in advance!

  7. No idea. No harm checking out..

    This didn;t look like pvt place

  8. Karisma Hills is actually a posh residential layout at the foothills of this small hillock (and adjacent to the forest), hence the name. And the forest is called Turahalli Forest Reserve. There are at least two trekking trails around and its a good quick getaway.

  9. Yes. Go in day time and in a group if possible. Not aware of any trouble created here.

  10. People careful.. Be in a group with good number.. Avoid before 8 in the morning and 4 in the evening. This place has past records of robbery. And police trouble as the place is unsafe. A visitable place

  11. Thanks Arpitha for your inputs. My visit was few years ago, so latest updates from readers help a lot

  12. This used to be our hotspot back in 2016. I still remember I'd used your blog when I visited this place for the first time. Anyways its quite interesting to see the Nano car on the hill. :)


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