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KSRTC Rajahamsa vs Maruti Ertiga-the lost battle

This happened in January, during our Dandeli trip.  We were to leave from Bengaluru on Friday night after collecting Ertiga from Carzonrent. Some participants were to join at Shimoga and one of the participant was to leave from Mysore, take a bus to Shimoga and join us at Shimoga.

I was told (or at least I heard so) the Rajahamsa bus will leave from Mysore at 10.30 PM and is expected to reach Shimoga by 4 AM. Mysore to Shimoga is about 250 kms and a KSRTC night bus is likely to cover it within 5-6 hours, at an average speed of 50kmph.

As the bus would start at 10.30PM and I was expected to leave Bangalore only by 11..30 PM, bus was expected to have a 1 hour head start. Plus, Bangalore-Shimoga is 300kms, 50kms more to cover.

My mission was to intercept the bus before it reaches Shimoga and pick up the participant on the way if possible and push off to our main destination, Dandeli. (Both roads would intercept at Arasikere)

Unfortunately due to Friday evening rush at Carzonrent and other factors, it was close to midnight when I left Carzonrent garage with Ertiga and about 0030 hours when we left Bangalore city.

Now obviously the bus had 2 hour headstart compared to us. I asked my fellow passenger, Shande, to calculate where exactly (after how many kms or at what time) we are likely to intercept the bus. I asked him to assume an average speed of 60kmph for the bus and 100kmph for the car. All the high school mathematics was finally put to some use. Smart lad that he was, Shande did super computer calculations and predicted that both vehicles would intercept at Arasikere, 100kms before Shimoga town. (in 2 hours, we would have covered Bangalore-Arasikere which is 200kms, and in 3 hours bus would have covered the 150kms, the distance between Mysore and Arasikere, with some stop and delays hopefully.

We cruised towards our destination, as we were close to Arasikere, we called the participant in the bus, to figure out where exactly the bus is. "It is very dark and I can't tell you where we are, but we've crossed Arasikere" was the reply.

Something is wrong somewhere- may be the KSRTC driver is driving pretty fast and has zoomed ahead of us.

We kept heading towards Shimoga, hoping to overtake the bus before its destination

As we crossed Kadur, 70kms from Shimoga, we made one more call.
"We are just 20kms from Shimoga" was the reply

Eventually we reached Shimoga by about 4 AM and our participant who came by Rajahamsa bus had to wait for about 30 mins in Shimoga bus stand.

How could this be possible? Are we accepting defeat against a slow moving bus?

Something stuck me. "What time did your bus leave Mysore town"- I asked the person who'd come by bus.

"I took the 9.15PM Rajahamsa" was the reply!

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