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Review & Giveaway: The PM's wishlist by JK Sachin

You might get a copy of the book for free- Refer to the end of the post for details

The PM's wishlist is a thought provoking political fiction and offers practical solutions to India's progress. This is second fiction related to Prime Minister that I am reading (other recent one being Prisoner, Jailor Prime Minister). While the other book doesn't really go deep into India's problems, The PM's wishlist is bang on into India's challenges and solutions. It is an interesting and useful read, given that general elections are less than a month away.

I seriously wish that PM aspirants such as Sri Narendra Modi and others read this book once and try to implement some of the ideas, if not all.

Book is a work of fiction, but the ideas are very practical and doable. PM's wishlist is a set of promises made during the election manifesto, by fictitious Prime Minister Sharan Karan.

Book not only lists the ideas, but also explains their execution and implementation, which is again, very much feasible if only people at the top have had the willpower.

I am listing some of the ideas below, for your quick reference:

1. Increasing base of tax paying citizen from 2.5% to 20% (Currently just 2.5% of Indians pay Income tax) and lowering tax slabs. Taxpayers to get preferential treatment and additional benefits.

2. Prayaschit scheme for black money or other financial offenses- before being declared guilty, if culprits can pay up and undo the damage they've done, they get to go free.

3. Bringing transparency into tax collection and let citizen decide where their funds should be used

4. Evening courts and weekend courts, Project vigilance where public take part in scrutinizing government records

5. Strong defense readiness, enhanced naval power with mini sub marines and 'Defense lease program' (borrow on a need basis instead of buying). 24-36 month procurement window instead of 10 years

This and many other interesting points and concepts are explained in detail.
  • Book also raises lots of questions about our defense and economic preparedness, if India has to attain the status of a Super power.
  • In one of the pages, army chief says "we do not have enough roads or airports to move troops if conventional routes get snow locked or captured by the enemy." But I guess India displayed its readiness on this front by flying super hurclues to world's highest airport, Daulat Beg in J&K
  • I liked the reference to flipkart and amazon that they can start selling a stuff in minutes and can help speed up reach of govt initiatives
  • If a security guard at the mall entrance finds out that an incoming car has a bomb or terrorists, what should he do? What is our second line of defense?
  • Security assessment via cocept of AWVI (Advantages, Weaknesses , Vulnerability , Impediments) is a good thought.
Of course having such wishlist is easy, but realizing it is tough. But the book anticipates the potential challenges in their executions and gives solutions as well. There is no need for caste based reservations, freebies from the govt and other gimmicks our current political parties resort to, to make India super power. Get the fundamentals of economy, military and administration right and rest will fall in place.

JK Sachin, Author of 'The PM's wishlist
'The PM's wishlist' is only available as ebook and can be bought on Amazon for Rs 187 or 2.94 USD I bought and read it on Kindle for PC, so it took more time to finish this book compared to a regular printed book.

Paperback version of the book recently launched and should be hitting the stores soon. Will be available on flipkart for Rs 379 

I feel this book deserves to be published in print and sold to general public.

You can connect with the author, Sachin JK at his website, 

The PM's wishlist- Giveaway!
Here's your chance to grab a copy for free. Tell us what according to you is the biggest challenge India is facing and how would you solve it, if you were selected for the top post? How would you convince others about your idea, execution and its benefits?

Do write a brief comment explaining your thoughts. Best idea gets a mention on this blog and a free copy of the book from its publishers. Comments written within next 2 weeks will be evaluated for this giveaway.

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  1. I think its the problem of sustainable development which also works towards social upliftment for all. Solving it is not that simple but yes taking inputs from local people and understanding their needs will be a good start. Once the inputs have been taken I will apprise people about the plan we have decided to execute. People can monitor the progress of each plan at all points. The moment development projects start other issues like, jobs, social development can be solved to an extent. Convincing should not be a problem, since the loacl people will be made a part of the process and wont be just mute spectators.

  2. The one issue that should be relentlessly pursued is provision of education to all. Reservation based on caste must be stopped and seats be awarded to students purely based on merit. The much needed national awakening can happen only through education.

  3. The biggest challenge faced by india is the "belief" that something can be done . That India can achieve something.

    I plan to focus on 3 "E"- Education, Employment,Enterprise

    All are linked to each other and easy to understand and focus upon.

    Education for all,education that is targeted at employment generation and facility for enterprise to flourish

    I don't think convincing others would be a problem as everybody understands the problem , the only issue is the belief - which i need to generate.

  4. Dear Ani, Gundumaami and Amit Chaudhry, thanks for your comments and participating in the contest.

    Jury has declared Amit Chaudhry as the winner.

    Dear Amit,
    Congrats. Please mail your email id to admin at enidhi dot net


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