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RoadTrip Thailand Documentary on NDTV Goodtimes, March 29 8PM

NDTV Goodtimes will be telecasting a documentary on Thailand as a biking destination.

The broadcast has been scheduled for this Saturday 29th March, 8PM and there will be 2 repeat telecasts:
  • Wednesday, 2nd April 3PM and 
  • Thursday 3rd April 10 AM
Do watch this program. Myself and other bloggers (Niranjan Das, blogs at Tales of Nomad) & bikers (Joshua, Meeraj), as well as our host- Director of TAT Mumbai, Mr Buddhani & guide Sumon (Extreme right) will be featured in this documentary. NDTV's Aditya Bahl (3rd from left in below picture) will be playing the anchor.
Team that was part of Ride Thailand Expedition, Dec 2013

I have also written 2 part quick summary of the trip group travel site Ghumakkar- you can read them as well

I am looking forward to see how the documentary is. As the NDTV crew planned and executed their shoot, I could understand the amount of effort that goes into making a 30 min video- One needs to shoot videos worth as much as 100 times that duration and careful editing goes in to select the best of the frames and finalize on a 30 min documentary. During events like this, different people will have different objectives- such as bikers might wish to cruise very fast and reach destination asap, a photographer would prefer to go slow, stop for pics etc, organizer may have his own priorities. At times lot of things may not be favorable for shooting-bad light, too much traffic etc. NDTV producers and crew had to ideate, communicate and execute their video shoot. Lots of good thinking and effort has gone in by Sheron Pinto (Producer), Dheeraj and Nishant (cameramen at NDTV).

 I am getting featured on TV after few years (previous 2 occasions were once on TV9 during Tata Nano Superdrive and another one on an ETV Kannada debate show, way back in 2001)

Thailand has some political unrest in recent times, which has now been resolved. Tourists can resume their plans to visit Thailand. Apart from visiting typical destinations like Pattaya, Phuket etc, there's lot to explore in Thailand. This particular NDTV documentary would focus on Biking around Thailand.
Do watch the show and let us know your opinion.


  1. Congrats for featuring on the show! Really lovely! :)
    Thanks for the info. Will catch the telecast!

  2. Excited to watch this. Is it a 30 minute program or a 1 hour one?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Niranjan: Not much clue is available on the net. usually it will be 30 mins. let us see


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