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MH370 investigation tip-study crew’s previous flights

11th day since China bound MH370 went missing and till there’s no clue or trace. The incident is now officially the longest search for missing planes in recent times. One of the prime possible cause is said to be deliberate action by someone on board to turn off the transponders and change flight path through computer commands.

In this post, I have one suggestion to investigating authorities.

Please investigate flight data recorder and voice recorder of other recent planes the captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah or his first officer Fariq Abdul Hamid have flown. As these planes are intact and in service, data should be readily available, if not already downloaded after each flight.

If Captain or co-pilot have masterminded the disappearance, my strong belief is that they would have done some rehearsal before-hand. Such as
-Turning off the transponders for some time to check if anyone detects transponder going offline
-Practicing changing flight path a bit to see if anyone detects the same
-Practice flying at low altitudes
-A combination of above or any other activity which could lead to suspicious behavior

Though authorities seized and examined Captain’s home-made flight simulator, in my understanding a flight simulator doesn’t talk to real radars or ATC. So someone intending to disappear with an entire plane should have practiced a bit on a real plane. If any such evidence (of unauthorized maneuver or cockpit activity) can be pulled out from the previous flights flown by the crew of missing Malaysian Airlines jet, the suspicion on crew can be increased.

I am not an aviation expert and I am not suggesting that crew did voluntarily disappear with the jet. I do not want to speculate either. But with no concrete leads so far, I am only explaining a possible way to verify one of the 13 suspected causes of MH370, which is deliberate action by the crew or someone on board. Do leave a comment if you agree with me

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  1. Seriously, it's high time that they come with some solid news about the plane.

    This is another way to explore the possibilities. Looks like they haven't tried this angle.

    Let's tell them. :-)

  2. Yes.

    Read your recent post. Good thoughts. Will link to it.

  3. Today even the newspaper hardly mentioned any progress in the search. Hope it will not be forgotten.
    It seems there are 83 flights since 1948 which have disappeared without any trace. Worrisome! :(

  4. Indrani: True. Another 2 days and nothing much in progress... we can only wait, watch and pray!


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