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Places you can explore in Bangalore during workdays

This post is similar to the other post I wrote on Chennai. If you’re in Bangalore for the first time on work and have a week’s time, but no weekends at your disposal (either your company doesn’t encourage staying an extra day or you’ve a family to go back to), how best you can explore Bangalore during weekdays itself, using early morning and late evening time?

Places you can explore in Bangalore, early morning, before office starts.
Note that these are indicative only. Actual execution depends on factors like distance from hotel, your interest, how early you can manage to leave, etc

1. Cubbon Park and Lalbagh: Opens early in the morning for walkers. You can explore the same and as sunlight comes in, you might even get some beautiful photographs. Reach there by 5.30-AM. Depending on how far you’re office/hotel is, you can finish your walk in Cubbon Park/Lalbagh by say 7.30 AM

2. Take a BMW for a spin: As far as I know, Bangalore is the only city in India where you can rent a BMW on self drive at affordable rates. Weekday rentals are heavily discounted. For Rs 450 per hour (weekday rental), you can drive around in a BMW 320d from Zoom cars. [detailed review ]. Early morning when traffic is less, you can enjoy a quick ride on NICE road or any of the ring roads

3. Nandi hills: Nandi hills is about 60kms from Bengaluru. if you're staying at central/north Bengaluru, you can make a quick trip to Nandi hills on weekday mornings. Leave at about 5AM so that you can reach there by 6AM when the gates open, spend 90 mins and reach back city by about 9AM. Forget it if you're staying in South Bangalore like Electronic city or JP nagar etc

4. ISKCON temple: Opens early in the morning, worth a quick visit

5. Experience KR Market early morning chaos- head to KR Market area before daylight breaks- you can experience hundreds of trades buying and selling daily items in wholesale.

6. Try Masala dosa and coffee at Vidharthi Bhavan, Gandhi Bazaar- this legendary restaurant opens at 6.30AM, if you manage to get in and get a seat, enjoy some of their breakfast items.  You might notice that several VVIPs of the city are regulars at Vidyarti Bhavan. A quick walk in Gandhi Bazaar street is also highly recommended
7. Ragi gudda temple, Sarakki

8. Rocks and temples in Basavanagudi

9. Karishma hills off Kanakapura road [Details here]
10. Big Banyaan tree and Manchinabele dam off Mysore road can be explored if you're staying around South Bangalore

11. Freedom park, near Sheshadri road- the former Central Jail of Bangalore is open to public now, from 5 AM till 8 AM and 5PM till 8PM (timing might vary a bit at the guard's convenience)

12. Ramanagara-rocks and view- Can be covered early morning if you're staying/workng close to Mysore rod.  Leave very early, reach Ramanagara by daylight, climb up the stair and rocks, start return journey by 7.30 [Details]
13. Birdwatching and sunrise at Hebbal lake
14. Trimoorthy temple and Pyramid valley on Kanakapura road

Places to explore in Bengalure after office hours (Evening)
1. Shop for books at Avenue road

2. Watch a play at Rangashankara, JP Nagar (if any)

3. Cultural activities at Town Hall near Market or Chowdaiah Memorial Hall, Malleswaram

4. Window shopping in commercial street

5. Experience legendary Bangalore traffic jam between Whitefield and Belandur

6. Temples- most of the temple listed earlier can be visited in the evening as well


  1. Hey nice list. Didn't know about the BMW thing. I know someone who could use that info. :)

    Reading this post makes me miss Bangalore.

  2. Have been to only lalbagh.

    well written post !

  3. Nice post and all these place are certainly the best to enjoy.

  4. Thanks Fayaz.

    Mahesh Divya: Do explore other destinations

    D Nambiar: Thanks. Do visit Blr, it has changed a lot and now very hot

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  6. Have eaten at MTR, on my list next are Vidhyarthi Bhavan and CTR. You post reminds of Chennai's Ratna Cafe.


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