Why should someone allowed to contest from 2 places?, random ones at that?

Why should someone allowed to contest from 2 places?, random ones at that?

India is a free country and all of us are free to go and live anywhere in India. In the extended form of same ideology, one is free to contest elections from anywhere in India. But this random selection of constituency defies me.

Purpose of someone contesting from a specific constituency should be
-          To represent the trouble and pains of the people of the constituency in the parliament
-          To facilitate growth and wellbeing of the people in the constituency
-          To aid & monitor in administration of govt initiatives and schemes at the constituency

To do so, the candidate should typically have following
-          Be born in that place or have lived in the constituency for considerable time, to be able to understand the problems and challenges in the region
-          Know local language & cultures, to be able to better interact with people
-          Should have some motive and interest in developing the constituency, not just gaining MP/MLA status and then shift base to capital

But as you’ve seen our election system has no measures to ensure the above

Candidates contest from multiple constituencies, one of which they’ll eventually abandon, causing re-election and waste of public money. Most of the time they are nowhere related to the constituency-not born there, haven’t lived there ever and only reason to contest from the constituency is because their party has a strong vote bank there and it is deemed a safe seat. So the only motive is to win and NOT to do anything for the people. This is bad. When the motive is very obvious that candidate is not really interested in welfare of the people and is only concerned about his winning, such nominations shouldn’t be accepted.

I fully support the petition filed by few individuals on this topic [Details at The Hindu]

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