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We're all used to shop online. Log into the vendor's website, select our goods, checkout and pay. But did you know there're a few websites which offer cashbacks for online shopping? That is earning few % of spending back for no extra effort. I wasn't aware of this possibility till I heard about works on a simple principle- all merchants/websites usually offer a small commission to agents or referrals for bringing them customers and business. Cashkaro works with shopping sites to get as much discount as possible and passes the benefit back to its members.

As a Cashkaro member, I don't have to do any extra circus to get cashback. All I need to do is initiate the process from, go to corresponding shopping site and conclude the sale. System traces your purchase back to your cashkaro account and after few days, cashback will be credited to your cashkaro account.
Discount coupons are another reason to shop via Cashkaro. 10-20% discounts are also offered on restaurant bookings- mainly in Delhi and Bombay but expected to hit other cities soon.

In a sense, cashkaro is an aggregation of ecommerce sites- like what makemytrip is to air ticket booking. Begin your search from cashkaro, navigate to corresponding websites and without any extra effort, earn some cashbacks.

Cashback sites like cashkaro also make life easy- No need to remember dozens of shopping site URLs- begin your shopping from cashkaro, find out which specific site has better deals and proceed to that particular sites.  Similarly, though selling price is same on amazon and flipkart, I might prefer Amazon over flipkart because of cashback.

Also as I experienced:
  • Cashback could be as high as 10% or some sites may have an upper limit (like Max Rs 240)
  • It is not possible to use cashkaro account balance for future shopping. We need to pay directly while buying and need to withdraw cashkaro balance separately into our bank accounts.
  • Flipkart is not offering cashback at this moment. Amazon, Myntra and other websites do.
  • So far Cashkaro has disbursed Rs 1.5 crore in cashbacks. That is pretty decent amount.
  • More than 500 brands are tied up with Cashkaro for this cashback scheme, so almost anything you can think of buying online, you can probably buy via cashkaro.
  • I have made one purchase on flipkart and one more with Amazon, via Waiting for my cashback on my Amazon purchase. Amazon purchase has been successfully tracked back, but refund or cashback will take several weeks to materialize. Should be fine. As I was browsing through flipkart noticed that top header section showing user information was blanked out for a while and was retrieved during check out. I could use my flipkart account to load per-defined address etc
  • Cashback duration takes months... For a transaction done in March, cashback is expected to be confirmed by end of June
Rohan and Swati Bhargava
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Gurgaon headquartered Cashkaro is a 15 month old start-up and growing fast. It is founded by Rohan and Swati Bharghava [Read detailed story of the Cashkaro start up on]. Abandoning dream jobs like the one with Goldman Sachs, the couple is working towards facilitating cashbacks on day to day items,which we'll have to buy anyways- with or without cashback. I wish all the success to Cashkaro team.

If you're signing up at Cashkaro, pls use this link

Cashkaro competes with, etc.

Festival wishes and have a great shopping season ahead.

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  1. Thank you for this article, Shrinidhi! India Cashback sites are proliferating and I happen to visit other cashback site named, and surprised to find out that there is no minimum cashback amount that one needs to have to get cashback. Unlike, gives away as min as 5/-to you. I suggest you to write a comparison article on both the sites and let your readers benefit!

  2. Will think about that- it is little time consuming process to register on all these sites, then shop spending money, then wait for cashback, the compare the experience

  3. forget signin - enter email and click thru and earn cashback at

  4. yeah now a days creating accounts and login into them is a big headace and also it takes a lot of time but in other websites its just a matter of time to get cash back money even if you don't login also.


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