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Book Review: Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C

Prisoner, Jailor Prime Minister is a political fiction written by Tabrik C.

Published by Hachette India, this 320 pages long paperback fiction is set to take place in near future, 2016, along with a flashback dating 2-3 decades earlier. Largely written in first person view of the lead character, Sidhartha Tagore while some chapters (which doesn't involve Sidhartha) are in third person. News clippings are also used to provide additional details.

The plot is about the future prime minister of India, who is a Harvard Alumni and whose dad was an MP. More interestingly, Sidhartha Tagore is a brilliant musician, who is respected worldwide for his concerts. Sidhartha is known to take some tough decisions and stands, which wins him enemies both within and outside the country.

Though 'Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister' is a fiction, it occasionally refers to real political parties and people- BJP, Deve Dowda, Saffron, Khakhi chaddis (RSS) and so on. The plot seem to be developed on an idea that a 3rd front government will come into place after 2014 General Elections. Though there's no direct blame, the plot seem to project that saffron party, if elected to power would bring in constitutional changes to enforce vedic culture and traditional rules.

There is no physical reference to prison and jail. Assume the term used in book's title are more to reflect the mental state of the prime minister- the dilemma he faces and the circumstances that try to tie him down.

Story begins in the present, occasionally goes back to 1980s when Sidhartha was a student at Harvard. He finds his love of life there and enjoyed huge fan following because of his expertise in music. Over the course of the story the past and present merges very well. Read the book to find out Sidhartha's journey of politics and music-his personal and professional challenges and more.

Title: Prisoner, Jailor Prime Minister
Author: Tabrik C
MRP: Rs 350 (Rs 267 on flipkart, Rs 235 on
No of Pages: 320
Publisher:  hachette India
Genre: Political Fiction

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  1. Hi, I've just released my debut novel. Any chance I could request for a book review? I've sent you a message on FB as well.

  2. The reason why I am writing this is just to share the focal point of the book which is in most part the first person itself i.e The Siddharth Tagore, the Harvard student and the musician turned politician of India. He is a beloved musician but sometimes destiny chose it's own path which surprises you. Siddharth is now to become the prime-minister of India which itself is a tragically unique world to deal with. His decisions, the choices he makes put's him into a great dilemma which, not every time, enthralls you if you too are a mind-reader. All-in-all a good pick for a mind-reader and a political enthusiast! I came across this book on a website when I was exploring some good books apart from teh same old weird creatures and magical wands. I was fortunate enough to see this book on the home page of this website. So there the story begins of a prisoner jailor prime minister!


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