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Amkette trubeats Slix wireless headphones

I was using Amkette products such as CD-R and DVD-Rs during my college days but after that lost touch with the brand. Over years Amkette has evolved a lot and now has a range of consumer electronics and computer peripheral products.

Recently I got to try the Amkette trubeats Slix, which is a wireless headphone, which will play music and enable taking calls from your phone, via Blutooth connectivity. Slix is a nice accessory to have and I’ve been enjoying this product so far. 

·    Slix is ultra-light- just 32 grams- we don’t even realize it is there and small- fits easily into pocket.
·    Slix is highly flexible and sits easily on your neck and ears. Because of its design slix won’t fall off easily, unlike other singular ear pieces.
·    Slix has a magnetic piece which can keep left and right units in position when not in use
·    The angular ear buds are fairly ergonomic.
·    Slix can be charged easily via USB or charger. The charging unit is same as most of the smart phones, so even if you don’t have its charger around, you can charge it using your smart phone’s charger.
·    Being wireless makes Slix highly desirable gadget, particularly while cycling, jogging or working. There is no fear of dangling wires coming in the way of what you’re doing and creating interference. (Regular earphones often fall off and need adjustment)
·    10 meter range means we can walk around in the house or office a bit without having to carry the phone around.
·     Slix has 100 hours standby and 5 hours usage time on its built in battery. Good enough for most of the practical usage like a job, cycling trip etc.

Slix pairs easily with all devises that support blutooth and streams audio/calls easily once paired. I wasn’t too much into listening to music earlier. With slix, I am listening to more and more songs- keeps me calm and entertained, while allowing me to focus more on work at hand. The buttons to control audio or a call is fairly easy to understand and operate.

Amkette Trubeats Slix costs about 3k INR, which is little more than what you’d pay for a normal blutooth earpiece. Be a little cautious while opening the package because of rough edges.
Amkette has a range of other products which might interest you- including tablet keyboards, wireless keyboards, headsets & speakers as well as other lifestyle products. Particularly the Evo TV looks exciting, though I’ve not tried it. Do check it out- most of them can be bought on online shopping sites like flipkart and the likes. Do take a look


  1. They look cool and are awesome for people like me who cant put anything inside their ears.

  2. I want this product call me 9000876665

  3. good luck. This is 10 year old post, not sure if it is in market now


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