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Kalinga Center for Rainforest Ecology, Agumbe: visitor details!

I had heard about Kaliga CRE in Agumbe but had never visited it. I wasn’t very sure what to expect there, if it is worth visiting or staying etc. Recently while passing through Agumbe decided to drive in and check in person. This post shares all my findings.

Kalinga is to be read as Kaalinga , word referring to Kaalinga Sarpa or King Cobra.

Thanks Prathap J for joining me and assisting during the visit.

What is Kalinga Center for Rainforest Ecology?

Kalinga center for Rainforest Ecology is a rainforest related research & conservation center based in Agumbe. Kalinga CRE is involved in following activities

  • Cobra rescue missions if a call comes
  • Various research initiatives related to rainforests, wildlife
  • Help visitors understand and experience rainforest, snakes & wildlife better
  • Host/organize various workshops/events from time to time

As a tourist or nature/wildlife/birding enthusiast what can you do at Kalinga CRE?

Kalinga is not Jungle Lodges. It is not a tourist focused service. Do not expect VIP treatment, several staff at your disposal and everything well organized and at your beck and call. 

However Kalinga is best suited for following scenarios

  • Wildlife/Nature/Birding enthusiasts looking to stay deep inside rainforest and explore their subject of interest with expert inputs
  • Visitors looking for pureplay rainforest experience
  • Organizations looking to organize nature related workshops/outdoor activities looking for stay options and support system in western ghats
  • Budding professionals/students looking for internship opportunities in various topics related to birds, wildlife, forest and so on.

What Kalinga CRE offers

  • Stay: Kalinga has different types of stay options- Private cottages, Dormitory and tent options. Cottages cost 4500 to 5500 INR per night whilte tent stay costs 1200 INR per day. 
  • Forest walks: Guests are taken on guided walk inside the rainforest with high probability of seeing birds, viewpoints and experience western ghats in its core.
  • Food: Lunch & Dinner is organized at 350 INR per meal, if ordered in advance
  • Macro lens was put up for rental for those interested
  • Expert guidance to plan your day depending on your interest area/objective.
  • You are free to keep Kalinga as a based and explore other places in Agumbe. But reaching Kalinga would require several kms of mild offroad driving so if you plan to head in and out frequently, this is not going to be very convenient.
  • If any of their planned events/workshops suits your interest and schedule you can plan attending the same
  • Decent WiFi is available for those looking to work 

Things to know before visiting Kalinga

  • How to reach Kalinga in Agumbe?
  • Kalinga is about 11 kms from Agumbe bus stand, towards Theerthahalli.
  • Nearest main road/bus stop is a town called Guddekeri. If you get down here you may get an auto to drop you off at Kalinga
  • The road to Kalinga requires negotiating some mud roads for about 2-3 kms. Normal cars can reach- not a problem, but be careful. Signboards are put in few places to guide visitors, map location is fairly accurate.

Kalinga CRE pricing/room rates

  • Cottages: 4500 to 5500 per room per day with breakfast included
  • Dormitory:1400 INR per bed per night
  • Tent: 1200 INR per tent per night
  • Pitch your own tent: 1000 INR per night
  • Lunch & Dinner: 350 INR each
  • Some lenses and photography equiments might be available for rent
  • Other services- check with organizers

Note: All information as seen on KCRE website at the time of preparing this post. Prices may change over time and I think GST is extra. Check with officials for latest and accurate information.

Below: View from cottage

Official site https://kalingacre.com/

The other well known institute in Agumbe, Rainforest Research Station in Agumbe is apparently closed for public. There was a hand written board saying “no Entry to RRS”

Darter Photography tour to Agumbe usually includes a fresh up & stay here.

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