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Jhari Waterfalls, Chikmagalur: Visitor details

I had driven through towards Bababudangiri 2-3 times in the past (2015 or earlier) and I didn’t know that there is a Jhari waterfalls on the way. There was no signboard and no crowd to hint there could be something interesting.

Only recently (2019) I learnt about Jhari waterfalls and decided to include it in my next trip to Chikmagalur which finally happened in August 2022. This post shares practical details related to Jhari waterfalls.

Where is Jhari waterfalls?

Jhari falls is located before Babadudangiri and after Mullayyanagiri in Chikmagalur. While heading towards Bababudangiri/Manikyadhara falls, about a km after Honnammana Halla falls, a left turn would take you to Jhari Falls

How good is Jhari falls?

Jhari falls is amazing and worth the visit. Water falls from pretty good height, you can take bath under it (crowd permitting) and water level is good as long as you visit in right season (maybe before November/December)

How to reach Jhari falls?

  • Jhari falls is about 3 to 4 kms from main road, accessible via a muddy road.
  • You can trek 3-4 kms (one way) to reach Jhari falls. Easy walk along the road. Few shortcuts can save a few hundred meters.
  • You can hire a jeep to reach there (currently suspended due to some dispute between Govt and jeep driver union, might resume once resolved)
  • If your car can handle bad roads and if you are confident you can try driving your own car towards the waterfalls. 4x4 is recommended but I saw an auto and a Kia Seltos making it to the falls. So use your discretion.
  • Bikers can also easily ride till the falls.

Jhari falls timing & entry fee:

There were no ticketing counters, check posts or timing restrictions as of August 2022 to visit Jhari falls. However the road towards Mullayyanagiri/Bababudangiri from Chikmagalur requires you to pass through a checkpost. Thus plan your visit and return during daylight hours, not too early in the morning or too late in night.

Stay options near Jhari falls

There are two homestays on the way to Jhari falls. If Jhari falls is your main attraction you can try planning your stay in these homestays so that you can spend more time at Jhari falls or be able to reach the falls when crowd is less. But if Jhari is one of the several attractions to explore on your list, best to park by the road and trek to falls, staying at Chikmagalur or some other place.

What facilities are available at Jhari falls?

There was building near Jhari falls but not open. Rest rooms are available at the main road (3-4 kms from the falls) and many shops selling maggie to corn to other snacks are also available near the main road. There is an adventure camp as well.

Time required to explore Jhari waterfalls

  • Chikmagalur to Jhari falls turn on main road: 25 kms/1 hour one way
  • Trek to Jhari falls from main road: 3-4 kms, 45 to 6 mins one way
  • Time at Jhari falls: As per your choice, say 30 minutes
  • Total: 2.5 to 3 hours from main road to explore Jhari falls and back. You can save 2 hours if you manage to go there in bike/car/jeep. Jhari falls can be included in your itinerary while returning from Mullayyanagiri and heading to Manikyadhara falls

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