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Doodhsagar falls monsoon trek- cost, experience

I had my 3rd visit to Doodhsagar falls this month. First was in 2013 (by train, now not possible officially), second was by jeep during Safari SOUL drive in 2015.

Doodhsagar falls monsoon trek is popular during monsoon months when jeep ride is not possible. The trek is long (11-12 kms one way) but not too complex in terms of hiking required. Below are some basic information about Doodhsagar falls monsoon trek.

  • Distance: 11-12 km one way, 22-24 kms return
  • Time required: 9 to 10 hours for normal adults, little less if you can walk fast, more if you are slow or take too many breaks
  • Cost: 1200 INR per person for small groups (<4 pax), 900-1000 INR per person in case of large groups
  • Included in organized trekking fee: Breakfast, packed lunch (sandwich and juice), tea n snacks on return, changing room access.
  • Can we do on our own without a guide? Very difficult as you may get lost, doable if someone has already done this trek 
  • Start time: Start very early. After 10-11 AM not recommended as it will be dark on your way back
  • Starting point: Kolem town

We reached Kollem by 7 as we were asked. We were given parking space in Jungle Books property and were served breakfast. We had to wait for another team which came in an hour late. We could start only by 8.30 AM. We were taken in a car some 2-3 kms into the forest and from there we started following our guide.

The trekking path is a mix of forest trail, jeep trail and railway track. Except for a few early kms on railway tracks, most of the distance is along the jeep trail, with a few shortcuts thrown in to save some distance. Railway officials do not want trekkers to walk along the tracks but that would mean walking several extra kms, so trekkers and trek organizers ignore the warning and walk by the railway tracks anyway. Tourists now can no longer trek till the railway bridge to get top view of the Doodhsagar falls. Trekkers are only taken to the bottom portion, which is a disappointment as we don’t get to see the falls in its full glory.

A mini falls on the way

The path was largely even ground, with few slippery, muddy portions, had to pass water streams at several posts, 2 of them relatively strong requiring us to be extra careful (crossed holding each other’s hands). We passed through 1 suspension bridge as well. Most of the path was jeep track. Normal muddy road with small rocks and slush.

Last 1 kms was the most complex hike. Even jeep customers have to undergo this. Once we reached the falls area we could feel the water spraying on us. Flow was fierce and space was limited. Soon the area got crowded and we decided to leave.

Weather was fine- mostly cloudy, few heavy showers, several light spells, few moments of sunshine. I wanted to fly the drone but was risky due to unpredictable rain. Finally managed to fly for a few moments but couldn’t fly closer to the falls due to possible rain risk and controller not getting proper signal from drone due to forest area.

Our timelines: Started at 8.30 AM, reached at around 12.30 AM, started return journey at around 2 PM, reached Kollem by around 6 PM.

On our way back, even at 2PM, 3 PM some people were heading towards the falls. Not sure what time they planned to reach and when will they return.

We had to pay 1200 INR per person for the trek organizer. Below is all we got for this amount

  • Forest entry fee: 100 INR per person
  • Breakfast (1 plate Upma,1 tea, 1 plate noodle): Approx 120-150 INR
  • Packed Lunch (sandwich, 1 tetrapack fruiti, 2 Bananas, some biscuits and muffins)- probably worth 150 INR
  • Tea and pakoda on our way back: Worth 30 Rs I guess
  • Access to toilet and changing room (assume 200 INR)
  • Trek operator would have made 600-700 INR per person easily, out of which he would have paid some to the guide and keep the rest.
  • Trekking fee is more expensive than jeep ride- Jeep ride costs 3500 per jeep which can take up to 7 people (500-600 INR per person if you have a group).

Halfway through the trek there is a tea shop. Tea 10 Rs per cup, maggie 50 INR per packet, so some refreshments are available on the way. A basic toilet is also available.

Some FAQs on Doodhsagar falls trekking

Q: Is it tiring?

A: No. All normal individuals can undertake this. There are no sleep hills to climb, so a fairly straight walk. You can start a bit early and take more rest if required.

Are there any restrictions?

Kids and elderly people  (below 5 and above 60) are not allowed.

What all to carry during Doodhsagar falls trek?

  • Proper raincoat/accessories to protect you and your bags from rain
  • Comfortable shoes or chappals (you will have to cross water streams, so shoe will get fully wet)
  • Enough snacks and water to refresh yourself (water you can fill at the falls)
  • A spare set of cloths

How is mobile network in Doodhsagar falls trek area? 

Kollem town has good Jio network, during the trek no network from any operator. Keep your loved ones informed that you won’t be accessible till evening

Can we go back half way if not comfortable?

Unless entire group wants to abort and return, your guide may not return with you. You can join some other group returning to Kollem and reach back. But better do your research, plan well, start early and do the complete trek. It is not impossible

Can we start very early like 5 AM?

Work with your guide/trek operator. Some people were returning when we were half way through towards the falls. I guess they reached by early morning train and started trek right away, so it sounds viable to start so early and be back by mid day if you are keen to save half a day and can walk fast.

Is it safe to park our vehicles in Kollem?

Our operator provided us space in their property, so it was safe. Leaving in public road should be fine though, hard to give any guarantee that nothing will happen. A probable thief would know that you won’t be returning for whole day and can plan their actions if they so wish.

Which is better? Jeep or trek or train?

Refer this detailed post. (coming soon)

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