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Amazing Saitavade waterfalls, MH | Drone footage

Saitavade is an amazing waterfalls in the remote interiors of Maharashtra. We visited one Sunday morning and there was no crowd. Watch the drone footage first.

Our original plan was to visit Saitavade falls on Saturday evening, but we got late, so we took a room in Kankavli. Next day we headed to Saitavade after visited Kurli Dam near Arule.

The approach road to Saitavade falls was good. After we reached at the location shown on map, we had to find our way towards the fall. First we turned right and got into rocks right above the falls. Had to be very careful in this portion of the falls as one slip and we could fall right into the roaring falls.

After getting back to car from first spot, I decided to go a bit further to left and explore. Some construction work is planned here so it wasn’t very obvious that we could go left and see some more. Some 500 meters of walking and we got to see this. On this portion we could get closer to water, even get our legs into the water safely. Water was gushing down a wide area of rocks and the view was nice.

Saitavade Waterfalls, visitor information:

  • Nearest town: Kankavli in MH, NH 66, 30 kms, 160 kms north of Panaji, Goa
  • Opening hours: open 24x7
  • Entry fee: None as of now
  • Facilities: None
  • Access Level: Easy
  • Road condition: Good
  • Things to remember: Be safe, rocks can be slippery, no help available. Mobile network is poor.

We spent an hour and returned. It was a great time spent at Saitavade waterfalls.

Watch my drone footage of Savitavade waterfalls below [Watch on youtube]

Nearby: Nhavankond Waterfalls (11 kms) * Kurli Dam * Devgad Fort (20 kms)

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