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USA Australia Asia World Tour for just 94k INR

 A London based company, named Trailfinders is offering a 1 month world tour for 999 GBP or about 94000 INR in today’s exchange rates.

This is what the deal includes

Approx 1 month of travel from London to USA (SFO & LA), Australia (Melbourne & Sydney) Malaysia, Singapore and Back to London

Package includes stay (on twin sharing basis) with taxes included. I am hoping flight is also included, else the whole proposition is meaningless, but website doesn’t explicitly state that flight is included.

Visa (US/UK citizens may not need visa for most of the destinations), Food and all other incidental expenses extra. Local transport/sightseeing packages at extra cost. If you’re not based in London, your flight to London & UK Visa will be extra.

Trailfinders says bookings open till 5th September. But Trailfinder website doesn’t share a detailed itinerary and other terms and condition. You can’t locate this offer on their home page and there is no online booking either. If interested you’ve to contact them on phone or email and take it forward from there I guess.

My thoughts:

  • If flight is included it is good deal, as a single return ticket to USA or Australia costs over a lakh INR at present.
  • USA Visa you won’t get before 2024. Unless you have one (expired renewal is easier), no hope.
  • Australia, Singapore & UK visa also takes time. With November departure, you have 2.5 months to sort all this, which looks tricky.
  • UK citizens, permanent residents who can fly without visa to USA, Australia, SIngapore etc can take advantage of this scheme.
  • But one should check fine print before paying- as how much you may have to spend extra and how convenient overall trip will be would vary based on these terms.

A set of 5 flights (LHR to SFO, LAX to MEL, MEL-SYD, SYD-KUL, SIN to LHR) might cost 2x as per skyscanner. 30 days of hostel stay, assuming 1000 INR per person, per night is 30k in stay expenses. Even after assuming travel agents get some discount on flight fares for bulk booking, not sure how Trailfinders are able to sell such a package under 999 GBP. 

Maybe they had some deal during pandemic and got good discount. 

Or there could be some hidden trick to extract more money from passengers. 

Or may be just a few passengers are sold this package at a loss for publicity and rest of the group might be required to pay higher amount.

Personally though I was excited by the proposition of world tour at 94000 INR, I was disappointed after seeing the map on Trailfinder’s website. I’ve already been to SFO, LA, Melbourne, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. So this trip is not adding much value to me. If there was some flexibility to select our own itinerary it would have been great. Plus the cost of UK visa, cost of USA visa, Australia visa etc is very tricky given the time left.

If you are based in London may be you can visit Trailfinder office in person or call them and find out the finer details of this “world tour offer”

Official link:

Without knowing airline, travel dates and other terms, it is hard to evaluate the package. If you like it proceed further at your own risk and discretion.

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